Horoscope Planetary Forecast June 17 2024 by Jennifer Angel

Uncategorized Jun 13, 2024

 Welcome to the week of June 17, let’s see what the cosmos has in store for us this week.

Right at the start of the week, both Venus, the planet love and money, and Mercury, the thinking planet, will move from the communication sign of Gemini into the water, a more sensitive sign, of Cancer. In this position, both Mercury and Venus will help you get in touch with your inner messages for yourself, and then be able to easily understand and communicate with others.

There are several square astral interactions this week as well, which are traditionally challenging points. They are associated with Pisces and the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. The message is to stay grounded, be sure to see a situation or person for who they are, and what it is, and don’t be delusional in thinking that they or it can change. Of course, people can change, but it is entirely up to them. You can offer suggestions, but what the other person does with your guidance is entirely up to them and totally out of your control.

Later in the week, the Sun will make its monthly move, and this month it will move from Gemini and into Cancer, a sensitive and intuitive energy. And although Cancer is a nurturing creature, they are also very savvy with business, so don’t even think about pulling a swift one with Cancer, or any other sign for that matter while the Sun is in this placement. Once trust is broken with Cancer, or the Cancer energy, it is very hard to get back.

The weekend of the 22nd and the 23rd concludes with the full Moon this month in Capricorn, which makes this a great time to get organized and gain clarity - remember clarity is key to getting ahead. Focus on your purpose and move forward with certainty and confidence.

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