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5-Steps to Attract Love-4-Life

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023

Prepare for love! 

Step One:
Your Perfect Partner
Write a love list to get in touch with the type of person you would like to attract, your perfect partner.
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Work on the seven areas of life and personality characteristics:

  • Spiritual – Faith, interest in religion, spiritual and self-development
  • Financial – How important is money, do you need a provider or someone who’s generous
  • Career – Do you need an ambitious person, or someone who works in your field
  • Health, Image, wellbeing – Food, fitness, and personal appearance.
  • Intellectual – Do you like to keep things light or indulge in philosophical discussions
  • Social – How social do you like to be. Do you like to go out or are you a home body?
  • Family, home - Are you house proud. How important is your family connection?
  • Personality Characteristics – what qualities do you admire/need. Trust, honest, romantic, considerate.

Step two:
Use the same exercise above on yourself.
Do you think you are the type of person you think your perfect partner would be attracted to?

If not, make a list of the areas you want to work on for your own self-improvement.

Step three:
Must-Have – Compromise – Non-negotiable
Write a list of what you consider are:

  • Must-Have – What you need in a relationship
  • Compromise – what you can compromise on
  • Not Negotiable – What are your definite no-negotiable points of what you won’t accept.

Step four:
Past love lessons
Consider your past relationships and analyze to see if there is a reoccurring theme
Once you have this knowledge you can be more aware of not attracting the same, or come to terms with it

Step five:
Be in love to attract love 
To attract love, don’t allow yourself to be angry unhappy or indulge in blame, as the love vibe has no attraction likeness to come your way. So, to attract love, you want to practice being in love. This means, think loving thoughts, connect with people you love and tell those you care deeply about that you love them. Pamper your pet, nourish your plants, anything that imprints a smile on your heart. Gratitude and love are the same vibratory energy as is success, so morning and night start journaling what you are grateful for! 

Good luck and happy loving!

Jennifer xx


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