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Here are 15 ways you can create your own Bliss Bubble so you can keep your mood positive!

  1. Breath work calms the nerves and centers your focus.
  2. Prayer helps to connect you with source energy, which lifts your energy.
  3. A gratitude exercise will quickly shift your energy into a higher vibration.
  4. Think of something or someone you love and stay with that thought.
  5. Shift your focus to what you want your life to be, rather than what you don’t want.
  6. Focus on your goals and intentions for the future.
  7. Meditation will automatically have a calming effect on your state of being.
  8. Play some music you love. Music is a great mood changer.
  9. Sit quietly and imagine a bright light around yourself.
  10. Play with a pet. Pets have a calming effect.
  11. Call a good friend, someone who is encouraging and supportive.
  12. Do some exercise or go for a walk and connect with nature.
  13. Listen to a motivational speaker’s podcast or video
  14. Read a book that takes your full attention or watch a move that makes you laugh
  15. Write affirmations and repeat them until you feel your energy change


Plus… SMILE your way to a happy bliss state!

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