Astrological Readings 

Jennifer ANGEL


Professional and Intuitive  Astrological Readings with Jennifer include Her Astrological Studies, Intuitive and Clairvoyant Gifts and Life Coaching. 

  • Insightful realizations with uncanny accuracy. 
  • Discover your hidden talents
  • Know what your Life Purpose is
  • Know how to pivot to follow your divine and destined path 
  • Know the patterns and events that highlight major turning points 
  • Know, accept and love who you are, the most awesome you! 
  • Confidential sessions uncovers resistance 
  • Know when to make key decisions based on specific dates and times highlighted through your unique birth chart

Astrological Readings
1-on-1 with Jennifer

Jennifer is a world-class professional Astrologer with highly developed intuitive gifts, and outstanding coaching skills. 


An astrology reading can provide insight into your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and potential future experiences. By analyzing the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, Jennifer can make predictions about your life path, career, relationships, and life in general. Additionally, an astrology reading can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world, as well as provide practical advice for navigating challenging situations. Overall, an astrology reading can be a valuable tool for self-discovery, personal growth, and decision-making.



"Jennifer validated all of my life aspects, the life lessons and how they had soulfully served their purpose for my life. Her insight into the details of how all the planets are aligned at birth is amazing. I have had in the past my birth chart and transit chart done and in no way did it resemble the quality of work that Jennifer offers." 
Yvonne – Prosperity Coach 


"I am going to keep this short and thank you dearest Jennifer from the bottom of my heart, you gave me a whole new perspective and a great deal of hope". Del 

"So right on, I start new job this weekend and it's the first job I went after that is directly related to my morals and values, finally all aspects of my life are starting to reflect the healthier and happier person I am striving to become!" David J 

"I used to follow you in the New York Daily News, so I am thrilled that I found you here.  You've always been spot on with your predictions." Gerry G 

 “I’m writing to you on behalf of the PMK*BNC office here in NYC. We are a PR agency working with a variety of brands and talent, and are avid readers of your horoscopes (we do not miss a day). Your words truly speak to each of us, relating to our lives in ways we could not even begin to imagine. From the Libras to the Capricorn, we take our daily horoscope reads very seriously and it has become a ritual amongst the entire office.” Jessie, PMK *BNC 


Jennifer will unlock the secrets of your future with her Astrological readings

Are you heading in the right direction? Do you feel uncertain and confused, perhaps even anxious, of what your future holds?  An astrological session with Jennifer can give you the reassurance you need to step into your most powerful self and walk the path that your inner self knows is there for you. Click on the boxes below to book your session. 

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Here's what one of Jennifer's Astrology followers has to say...

"Thanks very much for your lovely readings X true word what you are saying my ex boyfriend came bk asking would I take him bk the last time I seen him was at school I was going with him from age 12 to 19 after we lift school we lost one another X ."  Pamela G