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Your Progressed Chart

Your personal Growth through this Lifetime

A progressed astrological birth chart reflects how you have matured in this life.

As we add one day to your birthdate per year the chart shows how you have changed through life and how you have matured.

The progressed chart shows how you have grown on an emotional level, how you feel about who you are and how your life experiences have affected you and shaped you into who you are now, rather than it be about the experience itself.

As we move the chart forward, by calculating the years you have been alive, your chart will tell a different story. It will indicate shifts in the major area of your life, and how you interact, integrate and connect with others can take on a different energy, as well as everything else that is important to you.

As I work with your progressed chart along with your natal chart, not only does the chart reveal your personal growth to this point in your life but it also reveals amazing predictive calculations for the future.

This is a 60-Min session, however, please allow 90 minutes from scheduling purpose, so we have a buffer to go over if need be. $275

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