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Intuitive Astrology

planetary transits year ahead

As the planets reveal their interaction, this is a valuable session for your year's planning - a must session for every year!

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An actualized life doesn't happen without effort. Jennifer's year ahead astrology transit reading is an analysis of your personal horoscope chart as per when you were born. 

  • Real time transits
  • How they influence your personal chart
  • Gain clarity to achieve your personal and professional goals 


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In this session you will know your power phases, your challenges, your hot spots, and how to be your best this year!

 60 min session $250

Jennifer will take you through your personal horoscope chart, the planetary transits and how they influence your life. 
- Month by month Analysis
- Your power phases
- Professional hot spots
- Relationship transits
- Your Career
- Your love life
- Your home & family
- Eclipse energy
- Trigger points
- Mercury Retrograde
- and much more!

What does a year ahead astrology transit session with Jennifer look like? 
Jennifer will prepare and analyze your personal chart before your session. During the session she will cover the main areas of life, the major transits, and what influence they will have on your life. The session is on Zoom, and if you want, Jennifer will share the screen with you, so you can see the Horoscope wheel and transits.

What you receive.
Your session will be recorded (unless you request no recording) 
After your session, Jennifer will send you the following:

- Your recording, visual and audio 
- Any relevant notes from your session, including attachments Jennifer feels would be suitable for you to incorporate in your life during the year.

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What others have to say...


Prosperity Coach

"Jennifer validated all of my life aspects, the life lessons and how they had soulfully served their purpose for my life. Her insight into the details of how all the plants are aligned at birth is amazing. I have had in the past my birth chart and transit chart done and in no way did it resemble the quality of work that Jennifer offers." 

Pamela G

"Thanks very much for your lovely readings X true word what you are saying my ex boyfriend came bk asking would I take him bk the last time I seen him was at school I was going with him from age 12 to 19 after we lift school we lost one another X ."  

David J

"So right on, I start new job this weekend and it's the first job I went after that is directly related to my morals and values, finally all aspects of my life are starting to reflect the healthier and happier person I am striving to become!"

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