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Week APRIL 06
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Angel’s Weeky Message

Hi Everyone,
For Week April 06 ,2020.

We just passed, but are still in the vibrational energy of, the Jupiter Pluto connection. Jupiter being the abundant benefic planet and Pluto known for uncovering anything that’s secretive and underhanded, as well as being the planet of transformational, is a sign that things will soon start to get better.

 However, as Mars squares Uranus, you will also need to be prepared for sudden developments, and although this planetary interaction presents challenges on many levels, it will clear the way for a better future – have faith.

 It’s important to be positive and every day find something that helps you have a positive outlook that fills your heart with love, gratitude and joy. This is very important for yourself and for those who share your life. There are many aspects this week that will provide an easy passage, and if you have a positive attitude, and faith that everything will work out in the end, then things will go better for you.

 Much love and blessings,

 Jennifer xx



No matter what you are doing and who with, be sensitive to others. During this time, people are on edge and consumed with fear and worry.  The best approach for you is to not be too quick to get your point across. This is a transition time where the world is in chaos, and as such, people’s emotions are on edge. What it does for you, Aries, is it allows you to get closer to those you love, simply by being there for them and listening.  



It can be impossible to separate the areas of life that relate to love and money. In this time of uncertainty, a combination of both, and also a lack of both, can result in having tense exchanges. Be mindful to do whatever you can to help with tension release and to release emotions. Have mindfulness to use your voice to express yourself but do it with authenticity. The last thing you want right now is for money to come between you and someone you love.



Even though the world is in a time of uncertainty and chaos, in many cases, with the use of electronic devices, it can be business as usual. You have an innate way of understanding technology, Gemini. Now is the time to put this knowledge into practice, not just for you, but to help others. It’s important not to get too distracted with what is going on in the world right now. Instead, focus on the future, where you want to end up and create a plan of action to get there.



If you have a heavy heart about anything with anyone, then this is a good time to let by-gones be by-gones, Cancer. There is always a time and place to make a point and stand firm. However, have a mindfulness that most things in life are just not worth going into a battle about. Self-care is important and to love yourself, but also to have compassion for others. During this time, it is important to move forward in life with a positive attitude of gratitude, and an open heart.



There is nothing nicer than when you can be yourself with someone, and act with total authenticity. When you have someone in your life who fits this bill, love is wonderful. This is a time to have gratitude for those who love and support you and to show them, unconditional love. To have gratitude is a heart opening experience to be cherished every single day of your life, especially during this time in the world. Reach out to others to let them know you care. 



There is a lot of unpredictability right now for sure, but that doesn’t mean everything comes to a halt. And for you, Virgo, the sign of the zodiac who is the most organized and can effectively handle time scarcity, you need to just stay focused on your plans. However, as you are also known to worry, it’s important to incorporate meditation or some form of letting go so you have a tension release. You are capable of learning and maintaining a lot of knowledge. And this is the time to gather information but be careful not to indulge in overthinking, which can cause you anxiety



Pay attention to your intuition, Libra, as your insights will be your best form of knowledge and communication. You want to stay clear of people who just like to reintegrate doom, gloom and negative gossip. Do your own research and surround yourself with positive, uplifting people rather than debbie-downers. With love, this is not the time to be restless with a loved one. Remember, you don’t have to agree on everything. You are allowed to have an opinion of your own – you can agree to disagree.  



Be careful of taking someone else’s word for something important to you, Scorpio. After all, you are the super sleuth of the zodiac and if anyone can get to the bottom of a situation it’s you, so keep your ear close to the ground. You are used to getting what you want, mainly because you are super smart, but also because you tune in to your intuition. You are the master at manifesting what your heart desires. 



Relationships are so very important and during this time of indecision and uncertainty, you want to revel in all the love you can from those who support and care about you. As such, this is not a time to make major decisions about your love life, especially as there is a Full Moon approaching. Instead, just be kind, caring and nice to others. Have compassion for others, which is not a difficult task for you, Sagittarius.  



Don’t let the current situation of fear and uncertainty in the world stop you in your tracks, Capricorn. You are powerful and ambitious, and this period will pass, so stay focused on your goals. For many, with the aid of electronic services, it is business as usual and expansion can take place. And if there are difficulties, then you are well capable of thinking outside the box to create new options and opportunities. Stand by for love, too, as romance can happen when you least expect – be open to receive and give love. 



Everything in life is changeable, even at the best of times, and we are seeing that right now worldwide. For you, Aquarius, no matter how difficult a situation is you can incorporate change in your life more easily than others. Keep a positive attitude, strive to give your best at all times and act as if you have a sense of empowerment. If you feel despondent at all, then pausereset and move forward with confidence.                



You have a way of charming those you come in contact with, Pisces, so much so, that they will open up and reveal information that may be top secret. If that is the case, be careful you keep it to yourself. With all that is going on in the world right now, there is a restlessness within the community and with those close to you. Your nurturing ability to have compassion for others can help greatly, and most likely more than you imagine. But you have to look after yourself too, so practice kindness to yourself and listen to your inner-wisdom.



Week March 30

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Angel’s Weekly Message.

As Mars makes his move from Capricorn this week and into Aquarius, don’t be surpirsed if you find yourself doing something that is unpredictable for you. It is understandable if some of you are getting bored with cabin fever during this time, but be sensible and responsible, as this is not the time to do anything rash and reckless.

Mars connects with Saturn, and as these energies are opposite it can cause frustration. Mars wants to rush forward and Saturn wants to be cautious – aim for something inbetween and lean towards cautiousness.

At the end of the week, Juipter and Pluto will connect, and can shine a bright light on everything that is happening. If soemthign is going to be revealed about the situation in the world right now, you will want to watch and listen and perhaps also to read between the lines.

Stay positive and productive and try to do as many normal things as possible.

Love and blessings, Jennifer



During social distancing,  Jennifer is offering all Personal Readings, Business Consultations, Packages and Programs, at 50% OFF.  Discount applied at check out.  Keep well and God Bless. 


Life can seem intense this week, and that’s because there are planetary interactions triggering movement in the star chart. Any change in life presents uncertainty, and it is the unknown that we fear, which in turn causes stress. However, for you, Aries, you are fearless and have the power to push forward to meet challenges head-on. Stay flexible and be open to moving in a different direction if all signs say GO! 



With love goddess Venus, your ruling planet, in your sign, a destined love connection is in the stars! Your dreams can come true now, so stand your ground and don’t settle for anything you don’t want. However, at the same time, it is wise to keep in mind that with decisions you make there is generally a simultaneous up and downside. And as right now both your career and social life are in overdrive, carve out some solo relax time where you can get in touch with your inner-wisdom to carefully think through your options.  



You have a great curiosity, Gemini, and it’s this yearning for knowledge and information that keeps you interested in life itself. But it’s love that makes the world go around, well, love, knowledge and money, but a world without love is a very dark place, indeed. So, as Venus heads your way soon to be sending love vibes in your direction, this is a perfect time to think through what you want to attract in terms of a romantic relationship. Of course, all good plans can change, but it is smart to start with an idea of what you want. As the saying goes: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. 



Connections with family and close friends are important to water sign Cancers, and at times can even dominate your life. And if you have a situation or altercation between you and another, even if you can’t fix it between you, you can deal with it to release emotions. You don’t want anything to hold you back or color your life in case a similar situation will surface. Otherwise, worry can cause sleep issues as in insomnia, which in turn can cause you not to have balance. Let go and let live. 



Life is magical, and when opportunities cross your path, or better still, land at your feet, tune in to your intuition. Watch for the signs of co-incidence and look out for an inspiring guru-like person who can open your eyes to a whole new world. On the love scene, as passion planet Mars will soon move to your love zone, you don’t want to be a wallflower. If you are interested in someone, then step up and make your intentions clear, even if it is a little uncomfortable to do so.  



Your confidence in your work, what you do, the level of integrity you and others have and the people you work with are all very important to you, Virgo. When you are happy at work you are driven to do your best, and as you often go above and beyond, others take notice. And if you need a change, you’re in luck as new connections with influential people are due to cross your path, so be aware. Meeting people and learning new things is what will energize you, so don’t be backward about putting yourself out there front and center.  



This is the time to stretch your imagination and let your visualizations run wild. You are at the beginning of something wonderful, Libra, and there is no space in your life to stand on the sidelines. Being a spectator is not an option now, it’s time for action! Just about every area of your life is fired up and if it’s the expansion you are hoping for, then it’s time for you to energize yourself and start manifesting what you want. You have the confidence to express yourself, so what are you waiting for? 



With love goddess Venus still situated in your relationship zone, it’s a message to clear the schedule and get ready for lovelust and romance! Intimacy can come knocking on your door at any moment. During this time, you can see the truth about someone, so stay alert to what people do and say. Generally, people will show you who they are right from the start, but it’s up to you to take notice and read the signs – their intentions, good or bad, can be revealing if you pay attention – check in with your inner-wisdom


You are so independent, Sagittarius, that without knowing it you can close yourself off to love. Have an openness to romance, and don’t fight your feelings so much. If you love someone, then let go and relax to see if a union between you and another has potential. Try to go with the flow; sometimes life has its own agenda and destiny’s plans can end up being grander and greater than you could ever imagine.



You may be ruled by serious Saturn, Capricorn, but you have charm powers that can melt someone’s heart in a nanosecond if you so desire. And you are not beyond being irresistible with a wicked sense of humor when you want to be, either. This surprising and delightful side to you is enchanting, so take time this week, to chill, trust in the universe, and step into a feeling of empowerment as you move forward manifesting the life of your dreams. 


Money matters can be better than you think, but be careful, don’t get lured into a false sense of security. Even though the stars highlight favorable financial situations, you still need to have your wits about you and take responsibility for your affairs. Planet Mars in your sign can have you racing forward, but don’t do anything rash, slow down, and focus on what you want to achieve. When you take the time for self-awareness and to balance your energy, life has a way of working out, all by itself.  



Communication planet Mercury connects with imaginative Neptune in your sign, sparking your intuition and inspiring you to get in touch with your inner-wisdom, your inner heart, which will lead you to your soul purpose. And if you have an overdue talk with a nearest and dearest, go ahead and take the time to have an earnest discussion, but be careful to see things how they are not how you want them to be. Abundance heads your way, so stay positive and get moving in the direction of your goals and dreams.