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Week July 13, Published in BNirvana MindRise App


Standby to sort out a situation this week, Aries, as you could have a conflict between your home and work areas of life. In one way, an opportunity can come out of a situation that needs your attention. However, as always, when life is changing you generally have a few challenges to go through. Hang in there and take it one step at a time as you work through any conflict that needs your attention. Have mindfulness and find peace in the fact that when you are in the process of letting go of people, things and situations that no longer serve you, as life magically puts you back on track, the right track.



If your finances haven’t picked up yet, don’t panic, you can expect things to look better very soon, Taurus, so don’t stress about anything. Stress and worry do not help, and in fact, it can block the energy, so you are best to have an openness to expect the best. Keep your grand plan in sight and focus on where you want to end up rather than on any challenges you feel you are going through. Just know that you are on your way to a better place.



With love Goddess Venus in your sign, and now out of retrograde, the energy can cause you to feel like a little love bug, making this is a good opportunity for you to share your inner thoughts and feelings. The more you are your true-self and share of yourself, the more you will receive in return. If you have a monetary opportunity to partner with someone, the energy can result in manifesting what you want and expansion in some way. But make sure your dealings, and the people you deal with, are all above board with full transparency and integrity. In other words, don’t get involved in a risky business.



This is a really important time for you, Cancer, regarding relationships, all relationships, but more importantly with a love union or partnership. If you’re looking for love, you want to ensure you have an openness of heart and mind to increase your attraction power. Cupid could be closer than you think and be firing his arrows in your direction. Already in a relationship? If you have a niggling upset, this is the perfect time for healing, and to clear the energy so the situation doesn’t keep resurfacing. You have an opportunity to have everything that you ever wanted, but you need to be smart about it and have the courage to practice forgiveness to clear past energy.



This is a perfect time to get busy, Leo, and regardless of whether you’re back at work or still hunkered down at home, it’s time for you to start manifesting what you want to attract in life. As always, the more structure you can have in their life the more productive you will be. However, in saying that, you also want to leave a little wiggle room to delve into opportunities that cross your path, after all, life has a certain unpredictability about it. Above all else, your instincts are super strong now, and it would be wise for you to practice a form of meditation or stillness of mind to be able to tune in to your intuition and inner-wisdom. If you can do this, the answers to life will come more easily.



This week is all about making connections. And for you, Virgo, to capitalize on this influential energy, you need to have the courage to get moving, step out of your comfort zone. Make contact with the people, friends and colleagues that can help you move forward to experience expansion within your business and career. The people you meet now can play a significant role in your life in some way. Take notice of chance meetings, the synchronicity of life, as this will provide the signs that the pieces are falling into place in all the right areas in perfect timing.



The powerful energy of the Sun situated in your career zone shines a light on work and business as well as the people you deal with. However, to engulf yourself in a feeling of empowerment, you may need to make a few apologies for those close to you as you’ll most likely be spending more time at the office. Sometimes, Libra, you need to move forward in a selfish way to be able to get things done. Those close to you, your nearest and dearest, will understand, especially as they will be witnessing your progress.



Secrecy is normal for a private Scorpio Sun-Sign as you don’t like to reveal all of your business to just anyone, nor should you, but there’s likely to be those who are closest to you who may wonder what secrets you are keeping. It would be wise for you to express yourself, by revealing relevant thoughts before someone else has a chance of revealing them for you. In this way, you keep control and power, which is very important to you. This week is very much about working on priorities while overcoming obstacles that are put in your path during a transition to achieve more abundance. What’s on top of your list comes first, and other things, people, or situations may need to be postponed or even canceled. 



Money matters are on your radar right now, Sagittarius. And as a fire sign, you like to get things tidied up and settled, and this is always a good idea when it concerns financial matters. However, it would be best to first take a step back, release emotions attached to a situation, and take your time while you do some thinking. Mercury is out of retrograde, so it is a good time to move forward, just make sure you do your homework and put considerable thought into your next steps. Try to step away for a day or two to refocus your attention and instead, have funLove and romance will be a delightful distraction right now and allow you time to process your thoughts. 



Your love life is priority number one and if you need to have a discussion with your nearest and dearest and lay your cards on the table, then this is a good time to do that. However, be sure to show kindness to others as well as kindness to yourself, while you think it through. It’s always a good idea to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, so you can gain more clarity as to how they’re feeling. Also, endeavor to get clear with what you can and cannot compromise on, and if you know this beforehand, you will be more in control of what happens next.



This is a good time to get organized, Aquarius, not just with unfinished jobs, but also with your thought process. And to get your thoughts together and gain more clarity, you will need to schedule in some solo time. Be careful though, you don’t want to indulge in overthinking, which can only cause uncertainty. You want to keep in mind that when you are busy all the time, there’s no room for creative thoughts to rise to the surface. A practice of meditation or stillness, and maybe journaling, would all be very good for you right now. Your intuition is sharp now, too, so pay attention to it.



Friends are there for you now and can step up if you need them, but you could be surprised who steps forward and goes the extra mile for you and who is simply not available, for whatever reason. Whatever happens, show your gratitude by acknowledging those who are there for you, and be thankful for the role all of your friends play in your life. With monetary matters, don’t do anything rash, and particularly if a situation is connected to family, keep the doors of the communications open. When you have an openness to connect and listen, a situation can work out, almost magically.






Week JULY 06, 2020

Published in BNirvana MindRise App


Personal Readings, Business Consultations, Packages and Programs, at 30% OFF.  Discount applied at check out.  Love and Blessings, Jennifer xx


This week brings a full moon, a lunar eclipse, in the ambitious and business-minded Capricorn, so for you, Aries, it’s in your career zone, which gives you a chance to get moving and settle unfinished business. And as Mercury is retrograde until the end of this week you can also discard, delete, and go through a process of letting go of anything that’s not working for you. This will open the door to allow the energy to learn something new. Family members are likely to need your attention, too, so make time for them. During this time, trust your intuition. Your inner-wisdom will let you know what needs to be done.



This is a huge and amazing time for you, Taurus, and you can get in touch with what you want to do and make a plan to move forward with confidence to make it happen. Once you have clarity of what your purpose is, then doors will open, and pathways will appear for you to move forward with more certainty. Financially, be careful you are not tempted to trash the credit cards; a good rule to work by with money is to spend some and save some. And with love, the more comfortable you are with who you are, the more comfortable you will be with someone else – authenticity is the key to achieving this.




The formula to move a relationship to the next stage, Gemini, is to have the courage to step out of your comfort zone and share your innermost heartfelt thoughts and feelings with someone close. But of course, to do this you first need to get in touch with what these feelings are. Schedule some solitude where you can connect with your inner-wisdom. And when it is about money and friends, it is a nice idea to help someone, but just make sure it’s not going to leave you short, which will only result in adding stress to your life.



With the full moon solar eclipse in your opposite sign, Cancer, this energy can spark a make-it or break-it point in your life, especially with your love life. For some, it will give you a chance to go through a letting go process to release emotions and clear emotional baggage, so you can leave it behind, once and for all. For others, this intense energy can highlight how you really feel about someone and therefore provide you with needed clarity to make decisions, so you can move forward with an open heart. When you are full of gratitude, your attraction factor is stronger.




Your instincts are sharp, Leo, so don’t second guess yourself. Have mindfulness that it is important right now for you to be true to yourself, even if it does end up upsetting someone else. Focus on priorities, and most importantly, try to apply some structure and order into your day-to-day schedule. The more routine you can get set in your life, the more productive you will be. Friends can step up now, too, to lend a helping hand when you least expect, so be prepared to just say thank you and accept the help – sometimes, it’s about showing kindness to yourself.



Love, romance and passion are all very much in your star-chart right now, Virgo. The best way to allow love into your life is to find forgiveness for yourself for the things you feel you could have done better. Be open to love yourself. Once you can do this, your self-worth will increase, and you can open up to embrace and allow love into your life. Let your imagination run wild with romantic thoughts and fantasies, rather than be too rigid about how you think love should show up in your life. However, work will also demand your attention, and even if you can’t connect face-to-face it is still important to make connections with people you feel can be helpful in some way.




Passionate planet Mars right opposite your sign interacts with the communication planet Mercury, which is retrograde, so do be careful of saying anything rash. This is a good time to also watch your step at work and before you use your voice to express yourself, think before you speak. Whether it is professional or personal, a good role of action this week is to let someone else do all the talking. When you ask more questions then you answer you can find out about someone’s intentions. The more information you can glean during this time, especially as there’s a full moon lunar eclipse in your home and family area, the better off you will be.



This is a highly creative time for Scorpios, but there is a certain degree of unpredictability, especially with the full moon lunar eclipse in your area of creativity and communication. Have mindfulness that this can indicate the way you thought things were going to end up can be different. But have a positive outlook, as actually, it can end up being better, so keep an open mind. Life continues to be busy with a degree of chaos as action planet Mars in your area of productivity pushes you forward to make a transition. It is important to be organized, which can give you a sense of achievement and satisfaction as you work through your to-do list. 


The full moon lunar eclipse in your money zone can shake up your financial affairs, but really, the energy can inspire you to have an openness to do things differently. However, as planet Mercury is still retrograde through to the end of the week there can be uncertainty, so this is still a good time to gather information and reevaluate where you are, where you want to be and to make a plan of action to head in that direction. In the meantime, Venus still influences your love life, distracting you from just about everything else in your life, which can shift your focus to the area of sensuality, love and romance.  




Full Moon lunar eclipse energy directly in your sign is an indication that life is changing, and whenever there is change there is uncertainty and even chaos. So, keep in mind that when life is stepping up a notch, it generally gets a little messy. To get through to the other side means you are going to be doing things differently. Be conscious to release the past, so you can make room for your future. Have faith that everything is going to work out exactly as it should, which can be better than what you expect. If letting go is difficult, then do a gratitude exercise through some journaling


You can be lucky with money during this time, Aquarius, so have confidence that abundance is heading your way. However, you want to make sure that you have your wits about you, which means that if someone else is looking after your cash, make sure you have all the details. After all, you need to be in control of your finances. Your instincts are sharp right now, so pay attention to them as your intuition will tell you everything you need to know. Tune in and sit quietly so you are open to hearing messages from your inner-wisdom.




Love is definitely in the air for you, Pisces, as planetary influences open a path for romance to direct straight to your heart center. But as always, it’s up to have an openness to take the step to allow romance in. If you just think about what you can do, and stay in that delicious area of fanciful imagination, then the moment can pass you by and nothing will eventuate. Money matters can come up during this time, too, but don’t let anxiety and worry about a silly thing like finances come between you and what could be a beautiful love affair. Stay close to family as it is very likely they will need your soft and caring way of having compassion for others during this time.