Star Sign – VIRGO Soul Connection

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Opposites attract (sometimes).
Both have their own totally different ways of operation. If you can learn to appreciate the other person’s way of going about things, life will be a breeze. Aries are direct; they get straight to the point. Virgo’s prefer to delve deeper into the whys and why-not of life. One compliments the other. The problem is, agreeing on anything! Friction is caused by not appreciating each other’s unique skills. Aries is a doer and Virgo is a thinker. Aries is general about everything and Virgo is exact about everything. They can come to the same conclusions but have different ways of arriving there. Aries is open and Virgo is rigid. These two are first to hold out a hand to help others, but when it comes to assisting each other, there’s trouble. The Arian impulsiveness unnerves Virgo and sends them off-balance. Aries mistakes Virgo’s caring for sympathy. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Taurus

You can almost read each other’s minds! Sensible and aware of taking necessary precautions to safeguard their lifestyle, these two are anything but reckless. Common sense prevails. Snuggled up in their cocoon of emotional security, being able to trust and rely on each other is an extremely comfortable position to be in. They both want their own way, and problems can exist in how these two view life. Taurus is far less concerned about what the trivial matters of life and Virgo will go the extra mile to make sure something is exact or to make a point, all of which is lost on the bull. They both have strong opinions, which can cause trouble in paradise. They connect on a mind level and they both have the same work ethic, wanting to give value and a touch of excellence to everything they do. In this way, there is a lot of respect for each other and this alone can seal the romantic deal. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Gemini

With their mind powers in sync, they can be brilliant. Both born under the influence of Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, they are totally absorbed on an intellectual level. Gemini’s playful character teaches Virgo not to worry so much and Virgos more earnest outlook teaches Gemini to be responsible. Virgo’s perfection can clash with Gemini easiness. All Gemini wants is an easy life, and with Virgo fussing around wanting everything to be picture perfect it can be all too much for Gemini. When Virgo cares about someone, they can become critical, which kills the Gemini mischievousness. Virgo hates the way Gemini resists being serious. There is promise with these two, but there are basic differences. They appreciate each other’s need for freedom and creativity. Virgo has a sense of duty and Gemini rarely feels guilty about anything – a good balance. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Cancer

Magical! Their inquisitive natures are illuminating and harmonious. They innately understand each other and innately know how to work with each other’s energies. Vigo gives Cancer space and doesn’t take their moods too serious, and Cancer accepts Virgo’s need to be excessive about certain things in life. Cancer is needy, Virgo is critical. The Virgo fix-it nature can grate on Cancers sensitivity. Admittedly, when Virgo is critical they are only trying to help Cancer be a better person, but too much nitpicking and not enough encouragement can quickly wear out Virgo’s welcome. Cancers possessiveness interferes with Virgo’s need for freedom. Virgo has a strong desire to sort through issues. They realize love is about balance, with it being necessary to take the good with the bad. They both love their family connections and have a need to work and be of assistance to others in some way. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Leo

This is a very supportive relationship. Leo is on center stage and Virgo in the wings. With Leo’s grandiose ideas and Virgos practical way of putting them into action, their strengths and differences can stabilize and support their relationship. However, this earth and fire combination will go through trials and errors to get to this point. Virgo needs respect, which Leo is reluctant to give as they are more concerned about themselves. Also, they don’t want to concede that someone is better than them; after all, Leo’s are superior beings. Leo is deflated by criticism, and Virgo’s just love to give advice, as they do have an abundance of knowledge and feel that they help by sharing. For this union to work there needs to be more understanding of each other. Lions consider themselves royalty and Virgo is nobody’s servant, so there is likely to be a battle of the wills in this relationship, which may not last the distance of time. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Virgo

Perfection – these two are like peas in a pod. They have the same value system and strive for the same things in life. They are mercury minded souls and love to chat way into the wee hours of the night, attempting to solve the world’s mysteries, which to them, seems like an easy feat. Having so much in common keeps these two coupled. Learn to love each other unconditionally. Looking for the excellence in each other and striving to obtain it not only for yourself but your love-mate can waste time, rather than just enjoying each other the way you are. Worrying is an inefficient pastime of Virgos, and with two of you, it can turn into stress city. These two are connected in the way that they innately understand and respect each other’s idiosyncrasies. However, when one Virgo slips up or forgets something it’s sure to be a drama. Both Virgo’s will inwardly have a hard time over the incidence. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Libra

They both desire a harmonious existence, and love, honor, and harmony can make this match work, but only if Virgo learns to deliver his/her suggestions with a little sugar coating and Libra doesn’t assume that Virgo will take up all of life’s little and big responsibilities. With lots of understanding and compromise, it has potential. Virgo’s quest for perfection can be too brutal on the delicate Libran, who believes they are perfect just the way they are and can’t understand why Virgo doesn’t realize this. Libran, however, does try hard to please Virgo, which can be a never-ending and thankless task, because, in reality, Virgo’s expectations are too high to be met. This union can look like being a good match, but there always seems to be something missing. Libra can be too sensitive to Virgo’s honesty. This leaves Libran feeling unhappy most of the time, which does not make for a good union. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Scorpio

Their minds are both intellectual and inquiring, but this may not be enough for them to live happily ever after. Scorpio can be domineering, but Virgo is not intimidated by this facade, which wins Scorpios attention. Virgo doesn’t need to compete with Scorpio, leaving them to be themselves in each other’s presence. They are also protective. Scorpio wants to overpower, and Virgo fights back. Scorpio might think Virgo is a pushover, but nothing could be further from the truth. Virgo’s want to advise Scorpio of the correct manner to do things and set in what they think is the right direction and Scorpio is not going to tolerate any of this foolishness. Scorpios don’t need to be told what to do, nor do they need to be given approval. Both of these acts are irritating and annoying and lead to what ends up being nothing short of a stressful association. Virgo is frustrated by Scorpios reluctance to be cooperative. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Sagittarius

Sag is a futuristic visionary and Virgo loves the finer details of life – this relationship has great potential. Virgo teaches Sag to be correct in the way of protocol and Sag teaches Virgo to be a free spirit. Recognizing and appreciating each other’s personal differences by working together and harmonizing their skills is a winning formula. Sagittarians have a strong mind and like to do what they want when they want and how they want, but Virgo has other ideas. In Virgo’s mind, there is a lot about Sag that can be improved or ‘fixed’. This is where tension and resistance can interfere with what has the potential to be an exceptional relationship –as if heaven and earth have joined. This is a very supportive union. It’s a magical connection on many levels, not least of all; they are both interested in philosophy and the world beyond. Discussions on the universe, destiny and our purpose in life can fascinate them for hours. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Capricorn

This is a loyal and loving union – the best! Both desiring to lead a life of sincerity and one where they are respected by peers, friends, and colleagues, automatically creates a bond between them. They share a good dose of common sense; their feet are firmly on the ground and move forward arm in arm, proud to be who they are – two earth beings. As these two both have a strong work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility, being disciplined to block out time for togetherness with no interruptions can be difficult. Elevating each other to number one, above their work is also a constant challenge because there also seems to be someone else who needs or wants their attention. With common goals, and dreams and wishes united, it’s almost a guaranteed success. But of course, all relationships need work to survive – these two earth signs are no different. Learn not to take each other for granted to keep love alive. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Aquarius

There’s an understanding of each other’s unique personalities. Being able to effectively communicate is a strong point with these two as they are both highly intelligent signs who look deeper for the answers of life. The area of creativity also rates high in their life. On an intellectual level, they have a spell-binding energy and union. When Aquarians abrupt and aloof manner suddenly appears for no reason at all, it confuses Virgo. Even Aquarian doesn’t know what causes his/her change of mood, so when questioned by Virgo, they feel boxed in rather than free to be themselves. On a daily basis, this interruption in their lives can cause continual unset and unrest. They are both surrounded by disarray. Virgo loathes chaos and is constantly making life orderly. For Aquarian, once everything is in order, they stagnate and before you know it, they are once again in chaos. The cycle between them continues. Need Love Advice? 

Virgo -Pisces

There’s a natural blend of mind power and intuition with these signs. Virgos analyzes everything and has set goals with step-by-step instructions on how to reach them. Pisceans, on the other hand, will wish their dreams true. They believe in the power of positive thought and belief. Put these systems together – it can be a dynamite connection. These two really are opposites and they do say opposites attract, but, can they sustain a full time lasting relationship? Virgo deals in absolutes, it’s black-white facts and figures for them to relate. Pisces, ruled by the elusive Neptune, can be evasive. They have an answer for everything but are masters at not giving you a definite agreement. Intellectual and instinctual combinations are powerful. They need more time together to truly appreciate each other’s uniqueness. If they preserve past the initial impressions, they will learn that each other has a treasure chest beneath the surface. Need Love Advice? 

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