The Mars and Venus Dance. What it means for your SunSign and love life!

Mr. Mars and Ms. Venus are opposites, but when they dance together they are perfect partners. Passionate Mars is the perfect balance for Romantic Venus.

Venus is known as the goddess of love, however, let’s not forget, that along with the beautiful cozy, snuggly feeling of togetherness that Venus provides are also traits like possessiveness, smothering love and jealousy. It’s the planet that is linked to fertility and abundance. Mars, on the other hand, is the male side of the partnership, the more physical, passionate and erotic side that provides the exhilarating feeling of an electric connection. On the downside, Mars can be impulsive, argumentative, and rush into relationships. If there is trouble in paradise, rejection is not taken well.

If things are looking positive for your relationships, then the energy from the dance of Mars and Venus can move your partnership in the right direction. However, if you have issues, then with Neptune’s illusiveness and Jupiter’s overly idealistic vibe, things may not end up as they promise. So while you are happily playing in the clouds, it is wise to keep one foot on the ground and be a little realistic, too. But don’t despair if you do encounter a few cosmic craters along the way, when the love planets are looking upon you with sexy loving eyes, you can do no wrong. This is a time to get your head and heart straight as to the type of person you want to attract and give fate a helping hand by getting out and socializing.

It is wise to remember that there are always two sides, and life is about give and take. You have a choice to be understanding and look at the big picture, or critical and focus on pettiness. A little compromise can go a long way. And if you want to know where Venus and Mars is in your chart and how it affects your attraction power, book a personal session with Jennifer Angel.


Aries is ruled by adrenaline rush planet Mars, which gives them an urgency to love with a passionate overtone. Once they decide they like someone, the preliminaries of flirtation are pushed aside as they ardently go after the person of their desire. To keep an Aries interested, love needs to be electric and erotic. However, they do like the challenge of the chase so making it too easy for them to win your heart could have them losing interest all too soon. If you want to capture the heart of an Arian, play a little hard to get, but don’t be unreachable.


Taurus loves the richness of being in love. Ruled by Venus, they also love beautiful possessions, which make them good providers. They are reliable partners who generally prefer the stability of being in a long-term relationship rather than playing the field. They are die-hard romantics, so if you have your heart set on spending a lifetime with a Taurean, make sure you learn how to be sensuous and romantic. The other thing to remember about Taurus is they don’t like too much change. Keep a level of routine in your life. If they can depend on you, they’ll never leave.


Mercury, the communication planet, rules Gemini and as such, the more loving Venus side of their character likes to be very chatty and personable with their partner. There needs to be an easy communication with Gemini love-mates. If there is an air of awkwardness, it won’t work. The effect of Mars’ energy for Gemini makes their mind very active, allowing them to be flexible and spontaneous. If you’re looking to capture a Gemini’s heart, organize various adventures to experience together – keep it fun and lighthearted, and they will live simply to spend time with you.


The ever-changeable Moon rules the sign of Cancer, and with the Moon being a feminine energy, Cancer has a strong pull towards the loving nurturing characteristics of Venus, rather than the more assertive and sometimes aggressive Mars. They are sensitive intuitive people who need to feel in tune with their love-partner. If the energy between you and your Cancer doesn’t feel right, there’s no point going any further; it is unlikely you will never overcome this invisible element. To win a Cancer’s heart, make sure you are affectionate by nature, and a healthy bank account will also help!


Ruled by the Sun, Leos are natural leaders who automatically take control. This take-charge energy is very much aligned with the assertive energy of Mars. Leo star sign people like to be praised for who they are and what they stand for. When looking to find love with a Leo, flattery will get you everywhere! But don’t stop when you get their attention if you want to keep them purring by your side, keep the compliments coming. The Venus side shows up in their generosity, especially to those they love, respect and protect. Be their confidant, their friend, lover and everything in-between, look like a million dollars, never stand in their light, and you’re a perfect Leo partner.


When Virgo is in love, they are attuned to the Venus energy in the way that they are totally devoted to their partner. They will do almost anything to avoid breaking up, and although there is a strong probability of the occasional trouble in paradise, they will do everything they can to make it work. On the other hand, if irreconcilable differences do occur, they pick up on the Mars energy and will close the door, with no chance of it being reopened. Virgos are ruled by the intellectual thinking planet, Mercury, and need in-depth discussions with others as much as they need air to breath. If you want to attract a Virgo to your side, take everything they say seriously and never ridicule them.


Librans are ruled by Venus and are literally in love with love. They crave love so much that they are afraid of making a wrong choice with their partner, which can keep them looking for the perfect partner. This also comes from their innate way of balancing everything up, looking at the pros and cons, that sometimes; they can have trouble recognizing love even when it’s right in front of them. They are inner beauty people, and although they appreciate the splendor of art, culture and their surroundings, when it comes to their sweetheart it’s the beauty inside the person that connects them. Libra doesn’t like disharmony of any kind. If you want to happily hold hands with a Libra for years to come, be gentle, caring and considerate.


Scorpios are ruled by the deep and intense energy of planet Pluto, but traditionally, Mars ruled them. Attuned to the Mars energy, Scorpios are passionate and active lovers. They are secretive, and although it’s unlikely that they will reveal their inner thoughts, they will insist on knowing every single detail about you. If it’s a Scorpio you’re attracted to, prepare to be faithful. A wandering eye will have him or her parting ways in an instant. The Venus energy transforms Scorpio into a seductive temptress or seducer. Don’t try to control your Scorpio lover – it will never work. They are in charge – that’s the way it is!


Ruled by Jupiter, these freedom loving people hate to be restricted. They do like being in a relationship but prefer someone independent of equality, and not the smothering type. As a fire sign, they are attuned to the fiery energy of Mars and will take action when required. Venus energy shows up with their desire for the pleasures of love. To attract and keep the attention of a Sagittarius, appeal to them on an intellectual level. Discuss philosophical topics and the mysteries of life. Don’t tell lies, even stretching the truth will put doubts in their mind as to your honesty. Be generous, loving and good-humored, and you’ll have a Sagittarian’s attention. If you are a world traveler, even better!


In love, Saturn ruled Capricorn has a good balance of both Venus and Mars energy. They readily grasp the Mars energy and take control, and once they are in love, they could be Venus’ very own love child. Capricorns can have a serious exterior, but under that facade they are just like everyone else, looking for love on a grand scale. When it comes to love, make no mistake, even though they give off a vibe of enjoying a casual flirtation, their heart yearns for someone who can commit to a long-term relationship. Before entering into a partnership with a Capricorn, make sure you’re prepared to be faithful, say you love them and mean it, and adore every bit of them, the good, bad and the irritating.


The main thing to keep in mind if you are pursuing an Aquarian is you will never own them. They are individualistic and independent people who make their own decisions in life to suit themselves. Ruled by Uranus they can be unconventional. If you have any thoughts on changing, molding or coercing them into being someone they are not, forget it, you may as well walk away now. If pushed, the Mars side of them can be stubborn, aggressive and arrogant. However, appeal to their Venus energy, and treat them like your best friend, let them have their freedom no questions asked, offer them trust, loyalty, and faithfulness, and they will never stray.


Pisces is romantic, lovable, and adorable and that’s how they like to be treated; loved, adored and romanced! Ruled by planet Neptune, they are intuitive and imaginative. The lightheartedness of love literally keeps their spirit alive. If the energy becomes dense, argumentative or critical, they will take their affections elsewhere, and fast. Don’t even think negative thoughts about a Pisces, they will pick up on it. They don’t operate well under the insensitive Mars energy and are at their best with the softer loving Venus energy. Pamper them like the person you adore most in the whole world, reassure them always that they are loved, and never forget a birthday or anniversary.