Star Sign – SAGITTARIUS Soul Connection

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This is a deep heart-to-heart soul bond. You’re in love heaven, like two fireballs racing through life creating your own destinies. You have similar values and interests in life, which keeps you eternally interested in each other. Whilst striving to excel in every area of life, you both also like to lend a hand to assist a needy cause. Coinciding busy schedules is challenging. These two need to schedule time in their day planners just for themselves. Also, as both these signs are natural extroverts, there’s concern that one is going to outshine the other. Aries forceful manner doesn’t work on Sag, and Sag’s philosophical manner can be totally lost on Aries. You’re like two magnets who just can’t keep away from each other. There is a great level of passion between these two, which will sustain closeness. This and a desire to keep communication channels open ensure longevity. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Taurus

The Sagittarian brightness and the Taurus sensuality can lock these two together. However, there needs to be more than this for sparks of passion to fly. Bulls are pessimists and the archers are forever optimistic. Communication and understanding are needed. If an inner spiritual connection is felt the relationship has a chance. Too many compromises for comfort. With Sag running off like a free spirit with little notice or explanation, Taurus finds it difficult to settle into a routine. Taurus takes it as a lack of respect and Sag feels that Taurus is controlling. Simply put, they have different values and lifestyle needs. A much needed spiritual connection is missing. You never want to say never, but these two are miles apart in their very essence. There’s a lack of sensitivity that can hurt too deep and too often for a relationship to be long-lasting. This can lead to insurmountable problems. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Gemini

Together they can accomplish the impossible. With the Sagittarius optimism and Gemini’s adventurous spirit, life presents infinite possibilities. There is an easy communication between them, not only verbally, but through more subtle ways of communicating and also through culture as in theater, art, music – it’s a winning formula. Understanding how their genius minds fit together. Sagittarians are futurists while Gemini’s are more concerned about what’s happening in the here and now. Once they can understand and appreciate these differences they can fit together perfectly. The archer is a being of truth, and although Gemini’s don’t usually lie, they can omit the truth. Both having a need to be individuals and free to express themselves, this is a good basis for a relationship to grow. The other main ingredients needed for love success is an open-hearted way of communicating and trust. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Cancer

Opposites can attract and complement each other; however, there are problems with communication between these two signs with the possibility of many misunderstandings occurring. If they can learn to effectively relate to each other they can evolve, but there’s a need to love un-conditionally –harder than it seems. Sag’s honesty is too hurtful for Cancerian. Cancer’s over sensitive nature is extremely hurt by Sagittarians need to tell the truth, even if it’s hurtful. This can cause many upsets, tears, and trauma in the relationship. Once the archer realizes what effect their actions have had on the crab, they try to smooth it over but without luck. When hurt, the crab crawls back into their shell, or healing place, until they feel strong enough to face the world again. The archer tries to make it up, but, the more they say the worse it gets. If their lucky, they’ll see the funny side of it – may be. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Leo

A dynamic pair – loads of presence! These two make a real statement when they walk into a room. They turn head and are certainly noticed. They are both positive beings who feed off each other’s inspirations and uplifting energy. They have the capacity to bring out the best in each other and can rise to heights of happiness and exhilaration. Sag’s constructive comments can wound Leo’s ego. It’s not that Leo is beyond taking advice, but Sag is so direct with the way they impart information that when it’s of a personal nature it seems like critical comments – in reality, it’s factual. They are both freedom lovers and don’t like to take orders from anyone, including each other. This is a compatible combo – they fit like a glove. Any competitiveness between them will only serve to be motivating and move them onto richer levels of existence. Even their short-failings are beneficial and have a silver lining. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Virgo

Sag is a futuristic visionary and Virgo loves the finer details of life – this relationship has great potential. Virgo teaches Sag to be correct in the way of protocol and Sag teaches Virgo to be a free spirit. Recognizing and appreciating each other’s personal differences by working together and harmonizing their skills is a winning formula. Sagittarians have a strong mind and like to do what they want when they want and how they want, but Virgo has other ideas. In Virgo’s mind, there is a lot about Sag that can be improved or ‘fixed’. This is where tension and resistance can interfere with what has the potential to be an exceptional relationship –as if heaven and earth have joined. This is a very supportive union. It’s a magical connection on many levels, not least of all; they are both interested in philosophy and the world beyond. Discussions on the universe, destiny and our purpose in life can fascinate them for hours. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Libra

Philosophy, networking and having fun – what a great match! Librans like to party hard but are prepared to work hard too. They challenge each other with knowledge, having discussions that stretch their minds. They are crusaders of the truth but have different ways of delivering it. Libra is diplomatic and Sag is direct. They have much to learn from each other. They can move between vacillating and wanting freedom – what about a commitment? Sag likes to stay free and flexible, and Libran, although they want a commitment it can take them a while to know that what they are doing is a sure thing. Hence, making the decision-making process for both these signs less than a natural occurrence. Love and work are balanced, but the status-quo can become way too comfortable, leaving no room for change and growth, and for Sag, this is a necessary part of life. However, with communication, everything can change, make this a perfect match. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Scorpio

Both having positive and optimistic outlooks can bring them together, but for how long is the question. Sag is open and honest, and without thinking they are doing anything wrong will share some personal details of Scorpio’s life with others. On the other hand, Scorpio is private and calculating and will share information generally on a needs only basis. Danger – Sagittarians base their lives on honesty. Scorpio has secrets. This difference makes it a difficult combination. Trust and loyalty are big issues. No matter how much they’re confronted, it may never change. Scorpio’s inner power is to not reveal everything, and Sag won’t rest easy if they think something is hidden. If you’re going to try and make this union work, you better make sure there’s a lot of love and understanding and a big capacity to forgive and forget. This is not a trait that comes easily to Scorpio. If they are willing, there are many lessons to be learned. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Sagittarius

Two lucky signs entwined – they’re in heaven! Two Jupiter ruled babes, it’s said that they were born under the lucky planet, and true enough, they are often in the right place at the right time. They’re like two stars shining brightly at each other. They share an interest in the universe, spiritually and everything else. Having an ability to forgive and forget, making-up is a pleasurable act. Two Sagittarians and all that blatant honesty can be too much for anyone to cope with. Being frank with each other may seem like a good idea, but it will cause some bruises, and neither of them would have it any other way. Of course, the other possible problem is they are both visionaries – who’s going to look after the finer details of life? Life for a Sagittarian can be destined, with the touch of serendipity being a normal occurrence. If they are drawn to be with each other, it is probably meant to be. They optimistically go through life expecting only good things to happen. It’s pure happiness! Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Capricorn

Capricorn and Sagittarius are both dedicated people when it comes to their careers, but they are focused on their own individual quest in life, which can be very different from each other. These two communicate well on a superficial level, but when the conversation gets deeper, the topics they’re interested in can vastly differ. But they are fascinated by each other. Capricorn aims for the end result, always having his/her attention on the outcome and Sagittarian loves the journey. They can walk opposing paths in opposite directions, and even though they may like and respect each other, it can be difficult for them to connect long enough to start and continue an intimate relationship. Following their own missions automatically divide these two, it’s like they are in different zones and can’t get their mind body and spirit to synchronize. Sag likes to explore the world and Cap like to have some security and stability in their life. Need Love Advice? 


A love of independence unites this pair, as well as intellectual compatibleness that is unmatched. Brilliant ideas of how to change the world will be a natural occurrence when the archer and water bearer connect. It’s an excitement plus union and one that is almost inseparable. They accept each other totally, quirkiness and all, not caring what the rest of the world thinks. Strong opinions can clash momentarily, but once the steam is out of a situation it is cast aside with both being able to move on. Fortunately, Sagittarians have the ability to forgive and forget which saves Aquarians having to deal with it. Sagittarius can be blunt, but then again so can Aquarian, so even their challenges can be positive! There is an appreciation of each other’s calling in life, that’s if they know what it is. Both these signs are so curious about life itself that their individual journeys take some interesting twists and turns, but through it all, they will be support each other. Need Love Advice? 

Sagittarius -Pisces

There’s an intuitive and mystical connection between these two. There is an easy energy between them that’s almost childlike providing lots of fun and frivolous activity. Pisces compassion is touching to Sagittarius, and Sagittarius positive nature sits well with Pisces who doesn’t operate well around negative people. They have an expectation of idealism in life, and won’t settle for less! Sagittarian can neglect Pisces, which leaves them with a pieced heart that shrouds them in sadness. Being apart for too long can cause unrest in the relationship, and with Sag’s desire to travel, Piscean can miss them terribly. Pisces, being the zodiacs most sensitive sign gets wounded by Sag need to tell the truth no matter how brutal. There’s something magically special with this union. However, unless they work hard to spend a reasonable amount of time together they are destined to grow apart. With a little caring and compromise from each of them, it can work beautifully. Need Love Advice? 

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