Is it Love, Lust or Loneliness

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People talk about re-bound relationships as if it’s a dirty word, saying how can it possibly last,when it’s really just a replacement-date to get you over the last one, which went horribly wrong.


Can it be love?

Can a rebound relationship really be love? Yes, sometimes it is love, and in fact, some people swear that love at first sight is real, tangible and for life. But it can also be lust or loneliness, and if it is, then is there anything really wrong with that?


Revolving Door:

Can you relate to the revolving door of lovers in and out of your life? Familiar with the term ‘Rebound’? And no, it’s not always a nasty word. Each connection, no matter how fast-and-furious or long-and-permanent, serves you in some way. It’s important to learn from your relationships, and not harbor regrets. Be thankful for the experience, as could be that this very experiecne has set you free of emotional bondage that allows you to meet someone who is a far more suitable partner.


Love Sick Loneliness:

For some love-sick beings, it means trying to fill the void of the past, replace Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful, just fill the space of emptiness, and the quicker the better. After breaking away from the illusive love you thought was going to last forever, it’s natural to want to fill that void by falling into the arms of the next charming lover – and it may be just what you need at that time, even if it doesn’t last, and who knows, maybe it will.


Longing for Lust:

The hot and heavy physical act of lust, or even just a lustful feeling can be like an electric jolt replacing the numbness that often follows a breakup. If, ‘lets get physical’ works for you to get you in a different mind space, then it can be positive. But, keep it in perspective. If it’s purely a physical relationship, be honest with each other, and don’t expect anything more.


Relationship Deja Vue:

The reality for too many people is you fall right back into the arms of someone who is ever so familiar in looks, character or personality of the one you just left. And this is a clear sign that the reason why the last romantic adventure didn’t last the distance hasn’t been resolved, and you still need to learn soemthing from this particular dynamic between you and a partner, that you have not grasped, yet. If you havn’t changed your attitude in the way of seeing how all of someone’s traits presented to you in a relationship served you in some way, there’s a good chance you are heading right back into that same senario. And in this case, getting back on the same ole merry-go-round is unlikely to work, until you come to terms with what it is you need to learn, forgive or accept. However, it does give you a chance to deal with any deep emotional issues you need to look at more closely, which will enable you to breakthrough to a new relationship reality, and not just repeat the past. 


Flawless and Faultless:

A rebound relationship can quickly fall apart if there are unrealistic expectations about how a love-mate is to be, look and act. And if your expectations are too hight, they will inevitably fall off the pedestal and that’s when disappointment sets in. Then, unfortunately, all too often, a pattern of infatuation and resentment follows. Keep in mind that what you see in the beginning, a person’s actions and character traits, is who they are. Be careful not to fall in love with someone’s ‘potential’, that they may or may not live up to. See them for who they are now.


Of course, there’s always the exception to these patterns and there are the lovers who do live happily ever after, but it’s not without work, which includes nurturing their relationships with love, tenderness, trust and honesty. And it generallymeans that they have also worked through the love lessons presented in other relationships. So don’t be fooled, to love and be loved, means putting focus, energy and attention into you, your love-mate and your relationship.

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