ARIES Pet-Scopes

This month for your Aries pet is about balance, make sure they get enough exercise, but also allow them to have their rest. Pets have a natural rhythm of sleep and play so try not to interrupt their sleep time; they need their beauty sleep, too.


TAURUS Pet-Scopes

Your Taurus pet may seem lazy at times, but that doesn’t mean they don’t hear what you say. Speak directly to them and reinforce your commands so they know you are serious and then they will respond. But above all, they will respond mostly to your love and attention.


GEMINI Pet-Scopes

A Gemini pet with too much time on their paws can get into mischief. You are best to keep their days interesting with exercise, some loving, playtime and lots of comings and goings. After all, you don’t want them playing havoc in your shoe closet.


CANCER Pet-Scopes

Your water sign Cancer pet is swamped with planetary influences this month and as such they can be changeable, moody and loveable, all at the same time. Keep a close eye on them and make allowances for their behavior, as they could feel a little insecure.


LEO Pet-Scopes

Leo pets are in the spotlight this month, not that they aren’t usually, but it’s as if everyone wants to be their friend, pets and humans. They are just simply loveable, which means you need to be careful they don’t get away with too much. Like all pets, they need discipline.


VIRGO Pet-Scopes

Virgo pets understand everything you say and although they may appear to not pay attention, make no mistake they see and hear everything that is going on. Be persistent with your commands and they will pay attention and respond.


LIBRA Pet-Scopes

When there is a lot going on, your Libra pet can become unsettled, so be mindful that whatever is happening in your life can have a great affect on their emotional wellbeing. In your busyness this month, take a moment to check in with how your pet is feeling.


SCOPRIO Pet-Scopes

Scorpio pets can be intense, and they have a way of looking at you that makes you think they can read your mind. They like to connect on a deep level, and if you spend the time with them you will get to know them and their needs better.



Your Sagittarius pet can be independent, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention. They can obey commends and take direction, you just have to be firm and let them know whose boss.



Capricorn pets are solid and reliable, they are strong, but will do the right thing, if you treat them well. They are lovable and the more you reach out with affection for them, the more they will return it to you.



Your Aquarius pet wants to know about everything, and may not stick to a routine, if they can get away with it. But this month, the connection they have with you will be extra important, and they won’t want to let you down in any way. If you enforce a routine, they will pay attention.


PISCES Pet-Scopes

Pisces pets love to be loved and part of this loving feeling this month is how great they look. They may not like to go through the process of being groomed, but they love the end result of looking gorgeous.