Animals ruled by Mars are generally very active and are known to not even hear you when they are excited. But this month, you can reinforce training and commands, however, to do so, with Mars in their sign you will need to speak directly to your Aries Pet. Reinforce the command and you will have a better chance of them obeying.



There are three things dear to a Taurus’ heart; love, money and luxury. But your Taurus pet is more interested in Love, well; a luxurious blanket to lay on is very desirable, too. But most of all, all they really want is your love.



Gemini pets love to hear you talk, especially if you are talking to them. They may not, of course, understand everything, but don’t be fooled they do understand the commands you give them, even if they pretend not to.



With so much going on, your Cancer pet can be in a state of uncertainty this month, so make sure they know who is in charge. Remember, you’re the boss; keep it that way. Routine is best for all pets, and especially for Cancer this month with the eclipse moon.



Venus comes out of retrograde and can make your Leo pet more social. And if more social activity is not possible right now, then try to spend more time with them. Make sure their bed and environment are comfy and luxurious, so they feel at peace when you are not there.



With so much activity as well as confusion this month, as well as a lunar eclipse, it’s important to keep your pet’s schedule as much a routine as possible. And try to do one thing at a time, and one command at a time, to keep your Virgo pet from getting distracted.



A Libra pet is loving and friendly. But don’t let them just go up to anyone; not everyone, pets or humans, are as openhearted as Libra. And it is up to you to be the protector for your pet and make the decisions that are best for them.



Scorpios are deep thinkers and emotional beings, and if they seem a little different, with the influence of this month’s solar eclipse, your pet may just need solo time to snooze and think. A little nurturing will not go astray, either.



The planetary movements are still hectic and happening in your Sagittarian pet’s star-chart, and a lunar eclipse full Moon in their sign, so keep your eye on your pet’s behavior and watch for anything that is out of character. Both the full and new moons have a direct influence, and as such, their temperament could be changeable.



So much planetary activity in your Capricorn’s work and love zones, can make them want to get on with the busyness of their daily routine, but they don’t want to miss out on any loving, either.  Mostly want a connection and to feel like they are part of the family, but at other times, they will be happy to snooze by themselves.



Nothing stays the same in your Aquarian pet’s life this month, and you need to stay on top of how they are feeling. If you have a dog, they need exercise to burn off emotional tension. Whether at home or outside, it’s a good idea to keep them active with games that delight but also wear them out.



Moon magic and mayhem can cause your Pisces pet to be divided in some way this month. Dogs will want to go out and enjoy themselves. And indoor pets will need something different to focus their attention on. If their behavior changes, it can be the passing changeable Moon energy, but watch them closely, in case they are trying to tell you something.