Keep a close eye on your Aries pet, they can be impulsive at the best of times, but right now, they can be totally unpredictable as they pick up on the disturbed energy. Even one minute of affection can make a great deal of difference.



Your Taurus pet may not realize they are just a bit materialistic. But they are also the biggest soppiest love-bugs your can find. To make their life a little (or a lot) more joyous, especially right now, make their safe place as comfortable and cozy as you can!



Be careful of letting your Gemini pet make his or her own decisions. They may seem to know what they are doing, but remember, pets are unpredictable and a mischievous Gemini’s behavior can change at any time, leaving you with a mess to clean up. If their behavior does change, pay attention.



Cancer pets are very perceptive and easily pick up on any change in mood and attitude. Remember, if you are worried about what is going on in the world, and who isn’t, they will know. The calmer you keep your energy, the calmer and less stressed your pet will be.



Your Leo pet is social at the best of times, and this month, he/she will want to interact more with family members. But remember, there is a lot going on planetary wise and in the world right now, so make sure you keep a close eye on them.



Your Virgo pet is likely to need a lot of reassurance this month, particularly with all the emotional and stressful energy in the world at the moment. Be prepared to lavish more attention on them than usual and that will help to avoid of them acting out to get your attention.



If your Libra pet seems erratic in his/her behavior you want to pay more attention to them and lavish your best friend with more love. Stay close to them and keep and watch their moods to see if there is anything different going on.  



Scattered and changeable astral energy, as well as worldwide chaos energy, can have your Scorpio pet not knowing if they are coming or going this month. So the more you can keep their schedule in a constant routine the more relaxed they will be.



Your Sagittarius pet will seem very busy this month, like they have things to do before they can settle down for their snooze, or even venture over for a smooch.  Let them be – they need their freedom to do what needs to be done, and then you will have their affection.



A Capricorn pet takes his/her responsibilities very seriously. You will usually find they have a strong mind but will take to training and will pay attention with acute interest. This month, the energy, and more to the point, your energy, can throw them off balance a bit – make sure their home comforts are stable and not disturbed. 



Aquarian pets can be aloof, but this month, they will want to be very much included in the family affairs and part of what is going on. Pay attention, because if you don’t pick up the subtle clues, they are likely to get naughty to gain your attention for reassurance that all is ok in your world, as well as in theirs.



Pisces pets can be dreamy and in a world of their own, snoozing away and not even hear you when you give a command. This month with so much energy interacting and influencing their star-chart, and everything that is going on in the world affecting your energy, make sure you have their attention first before you give a command.