The Annoying Side of Your Perfect Partner’s Star Sign

How to learn to live and love harmoniously!

You’ve found your perfect partner, but after spending some time together you realize that he or she comes with an inevitable annoying side. Here’s a hint as to the likely irritations you will find with each star sign and the remedies to overcome them.


Your Aries partner is independent and will dance to his or her own tune, whether you like it or not. They are always onto the next latest and greatest thing and can leave a trail of unfinished business or errands behind, which will likely be up to you to clean up and put back in place. You will never know if an arrangement will stick because something or someone can come along with an offer that is simply too good to resist and in a blink of an eye, plans will change. They hate to be told what to do, and even if you are right and they are wrong, be prepared to let them learn their own lessons, inevitably, the hard way. They are quick to say what they mean and often with a sharper tongue than they realize, mainly because they are in a hurry, which can leave a sensitive being in emotional upheaval. Remedy: Don’t be overly sensitive and keep your schedule flexible! And remember, Aries rarely hold a grudge, so be prepared to let it go.


Taurus loves food and loves to cook and entertain as well as dining out, however, all this good living not only stretches the budget but also your waistline. Oh, and about that budget, they can be compulsive and extravagant with not only their money but yours, too. Every now and again there will a precious luxury piece they just can’t possibly live without, and they simply must have it. This Venus-ruled sign is totally self-indulgent and can go into debt to surround themselves with all things high-end, including couture, bling, home luxuries, and travel. They can come off as a little materialistic. However, they are highly dependable, attentive and trustworthy people; all fabulous traits, but can be a little predictable at times. And their stubborn nature and lengthy pondering can drive you insane, but they will do it anyway! Remedy: Buy a gym membership to stay in shape, enjoy living in luxury, and practice being patient.  And don’t ever let them miss a meal. 


Gemini’s are quick thinking, witty, and inquisitive, yet tantalizingly charming in the process, which means you will not win any argument with them, ever. And even if you do, Gemini has a convenient memory, so you will not get the satisfaction of them ever admitting to anything, ever. They become lost in a world of mesmerizing storytelling, which is usually a combination of fact and fiction, which you will need to learn to live with. They get bored quickly and then they can either become a social gossipy scandal chatterbox, or play tricks as in mind games, all in the name of fun, of course. Their dual personality keeps you guessing who you’ll be dealing with next, your darling pal or wicked clone. Remedy: Take a chill pill, enjoy the lightheartedness of life and don’t take your Gemini, or life, too seriously.


Dating a Cancer?  Sure you will go out, but be prepared to stay home, too, just the two of you with the shutters down cozying up on the sofa. And when Cancer is in this mood, nothing will shift them.  They are highly intuitive, and although intellectual, if something doesn’t feel right, forget it, they won’t do it, and no matter how much logic you offer. And don’t think you can put anything on them. Can they read your mind? Yes, maybeA little moody, ok, a lot moody, and extremely sensitive, so watch what you say and how you say it, especially as they can hold on to that hurt for a long time and make you pay in all sorts of excruciating ways. The silent treatment is their chosen form of punishment. And they may love people in general, but if you intend on adding to the dinner guest list, don’t even think about doing it without first checking with them. Remedy: Be flexible and patient, their moods are ruled by the Moon and can change quickly. Don’t interrupt their sleep and get used to saying, ‘I’m sorry’.


Fabulous, gregarious Leo, who doesn’t love Leo? Ah, maybe Leo’s partner every now and again, as he or she has to constantly take a back seat to the Leo ego. And be prepared to sooth the soul of this fabulous human specimen to ensure them that the world really does revolve all around them. Of course, they love life, they are the life of the party, and they are generous, in a sort of show-offish way. They can be more than a little snobby and judgmental about others’ appearance, so make sure you have dressed appropriately at all times and they do not subscribe to the less is more, philosophy unless it is a superbly elegant high-end couture brand. As a general rule, more of ‘everything’ is best. Remedy: Have your own life, but don’t be too independent: you will need to be on call 24/7. Bask in the glory that you will be taken to the most fabulous places and meet the most extraordinary people.  


Quirky, um, no let’s leave that for the Aquarians. Finicky, definitely! Neat freak, absolutely! Knowledgeable, at a nauseated detailed level, annoyingly so! Don’t even bother going into a debate with a Virgo, you will never win, just accept that fact from day one and save yourself a headache and embarrassment. If you’re considering living with a Virgo, then here’s the rule; there is a place for everything and everything has a place, and don’t you forget it.  They worry about everything, so you need patience and the capacity to reassure them that all will be ok, if for no other reason than to get a good night’s sleep. The same goes for their health, on one hand, they are health conscious, which is terrific, but on the other hand, they can be germ-aphobics, which can become more than a little tiresome. Remedy: Take the good with the bad, and you can live with the knowledge that they will never throw in the towel without exhausting every possible relationship remedy.


Libra is known as kind and generous, someone who will go out of their way to help others, so much so, that they can apply a subtle form of pressure and control in their ever so friendly way to ensure that you take on board their good advice. If they don’t succeed at first, they will try another angle and can be relentless in their pursuit to change your mind to their way of thinking, because really, they do know what’s best. They are doing it for your own good! In their attempt to achieve the perfect balance in life, no decision is made easier, so prepare yourself for endless discussions about the pros and cons of any given situation. They are romantic and walk through life hand-in-hand, not needing anyone else but you, their perfect partner, so you will be attached at the hip. Remedy: Buy a good set of earplugs and be prepared to give in to their way of thinking every now and again, just to keep them happy. 


If you need a secret kept, then tell it to a Scorpio and it will be safe under lock and key, that is unless you do them wrong, and then they will use it as ammunition. They are fun to hang out with, but they are a fixed sign, so don’t expect them to be that flexible when they make up their mind, you may as well just go along with it, you’ll be fighting a losing battle. If you are someone who needs to know everything about your partner, then don’t date a Scorpio. They have secrets, and although they will want to know ‘everything’ there is to know about you, every deep dark sordid secret, don’t expect the same in return. And don’t even think of withholding information, if so, they will be highly suspicious of everything you do, and no matter how well you cover your tracks, they will find out – they have their ways. They can be jealous and possessive; therefore, expect a little drama. Remedy: Be an open book, and make sure you are sexy as hell at all times!


Sagittarians are free-spirited, and although they will settle down, don’t tie a ball and chain around them, they do like to come and go as they please, which can be annoying, but try to cage them and they will fly. You don’t want to be a sensitive soul with a Sagittarian because they will be honest to the point of being brutal, they can’t keep a secret to save themselves and have to get things off their chest simply to be able to sleep at night. They are total flirts and can charm just about anyone and will do so just because they can and to make sure they still have what it takes. In their mind, no harm is done, but if you are possessive, this sign will drive you crazy jealous. Remedy: Have your own totally interesting life. Prepare for the truth whether you want it or not and build up your self-confidence.


If you want a good provider, then Capricorn is your sign, but the drawback is they are workaholics who take their responsibilities seriously, so if you are a lover of spontaneity, then Capricorn is not your girl or guy. They are powerful and walk to their own beat, so if you are used to getting your own way, maybe not this time. They love the status of success, and can be a little snobby at times, and won’t apologize for it, either. They know what they want, and on a quest to get and stay organized, they will endeavor to control everything and everyone around them, in an attempt to limit surprises and changes to their schedule. If only people would do what they say, then life would run more smoothly and have less drama. Remedy: Have a healthy respect and gratitude for what all those working hours provide you with. And get over the fact that yes, you are with a controlling Capricorn, and learn to suck it up. 


Aquarian is everyone’s friend, no matter who they are and where they’re from, in fact, the more unconventional the better, so be prepared to mix in different circles. If you’re a traditional type of person, but don’t even entertain the prospect of an Aquarian lover. They will likely put the needs of others before you, as they will think you are okay and that others, the less fortunate, need them more, so you will need to take a back seat and wait to get your share of their affection. You will also need to follow through on what you say; an Aquarian will not let you off the hook, ever. They can be standoffish and distant when they want, but don’t take it personally; it is just their way of sorting out their stuff. Remedy: Be independent, there is no point being needy, you will be thrown to the curb quickly. When they are off in their own mind, have a backup plan so you are not waiting around. And be prepared to say, ‘you are right’! 


Charming, captivating, and soulful, Pisces are in demand! When you connect with Pisces, you can get lost in their eyes. They love the fantasy of life so don’t burst their dream bubble by being overly realistic, or you will be known as a kill-joy. Escaping reality is a Pisces special, but they have so much fun while doing it, and you too, with them, if you allow yourself. If things don’t go their way, then they can have their own pity party and you better be there to apply the Band-Aid and make it all better, that is of course when they want the attention. There are those other times when they will disappear from the face of the earth, until their mood shifts and they return to their every positive self. They are highly intuitive but also very analytical and can drive you crazy with over-analyzing. Remedy: Be a good listener, let them have space when they need it, never utter a negative word and indulge in any fantasy they have, no matter how unrealistic or bazaar.