$550.00 USD

Private Deluxe Astrology

$750 $550 


Two sessions x 90 mins. 
In these sessions we outline your next year in the following way:

* Session one: The major astrological transits, and how they influence your life, the power-points and challenges.

* Session two: 1. Your solar return chart, the astrological blueprint for your nearest birthday year. 2. Your progressed chart, which shows how you are evolving in this lifetime. $750 (includes chart preparation)

If you have not had a session with Jennifer, you will need to send her your birth details:

Date of Birth

Location - Town/City and country 

Time - If you have it or close to it.

You can make an appointment on Jennifer's calendar via this link: 


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What People Are Saying:

ā€œIā€™m writing to you on behalf of the PMK*BNC office here in NYC. We are a PR agency working with a variety of brands and talent, and are avid readers of your horoscopes (we do not miss a day). Your words truly speak to each of us, relating to our lives in ways we could not even begin to imagine. From the Libras to the Capricorn, we take our daily horoscope reads very seriously and it has become a ritual amongst the entire office.ā€

Jessie, PMK*BNC