$500.00 USD

Private Standard Baby Birth Chart

Introducing a fascinating astrological birth chart analysis for your precious baby! Discover the unique cosmic influences that shape their personality, talents, and potential. Dive into the celestial wonders that paint a picture of who they are and who they may become. Get ready to unlock a world of insights and embark on a journey of self-discovery that will forever cherish your little star's celestial blueprint. 

What you'll receive:

  • Customized printed birth chart report with your baby's photos
  • Your Baby's Horoscope Wheel
  • 60-min personal birth chart audio recording, analysis by Jennifer 
  • Access to Soul Talk community

As soon as your baby is born, please send me the following"

  • Date of Birth (month, day, year - in this order)
  • Location - Town/City and country
  • Time of Birth - as accurate as you can provide it
  • 3-5 photos of your beautiful baby

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing your happy news! 



What People Are Saying:

“I follow you on YouTube. Can’t start the Month or Week without listening to you. Keep up the good work of guidance. Even if something doesn’t come true the hope you create in me is what helps me along the tough times. I appreciate the way you put across your point and like the way you communicate. Being an Aquarian I vibe only with higher minds. I am a fan of yours for many years”

Chandru, India