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Private Annual Astrology Session - Forecast-SolarReturn-Progressed

I am thrilled to offer my exclusive annual session that will delve deep into the celestial realms and uncover the hidden gems within your birth chart. Brace yourself as we unlock the mysteries that await!

1. Planetary Transits: Explore the Impact on Your Unique Journey

At the heart of this captivating session lies a thorough analysis of planetary transits, which will shed light on how these cosmic movements intertwine with your life's tapestry. I will meticulously examine major and significant planetary transits, imparting valuable insights into the ebb and flow of your experiences. This profound understanding will arm you with the conscious awareness necessary to navigate life's twists and turns with confidence.

2. Solar Return Birthday Year Chart Analysis: Celebrating Your Cosmic Rebirth

Prepare for a celebration like no other as we embark on a joyous journey through your solar return birthday year chart. With the sun returning to its exact position at the time of your birth, this special chart holds the key to unlocking the themes, opportunities, and challenges that await you in the year ahead. I will decode this celestial map, providing you with a roadmap to maximize your potential and seize the abundant possibilities that lie within your grasp.

3. Secondary Progression Chart Analysis: Unveiling the Evolution of Your Soul's Path

Embark on an awe-inspiring exploration of your soul's progression in this lifetime through the lens of your secondary progression chart. This enlightening analysis will illuminate the transformative shifts and evolutionary milestones you have encountered and will continue to encounter. By understanding the intricate dance between your natal chart and its progressed counterpart, you will gain profound clarity on your personal growth trajectory and embark on a path of self-discovery that aligns with your true purpose.

The package is broken up into two sessions: Through these riveting sessions, you will receive the following benefits:

- A comprehensive understanding of the planetary transits influencing your experiences, empowering you to navigate life's ebbs and flows consciously.

- Deep insights into the themes, opportunities, and challenges of your solar return birthday year, enabling you to make informed decisions and embrace the bountiful possibilities that lie ahead.

- Profound clarity on your soul's progression in this lifetime, allowing you to align your actions with your true purpose and experience personal growth on a profound level.

I value your unique journey and are committed to providing you with an enriching and empowering experience. Should you have any specific areas or questions you would like me to focus on during the session, please feel free to let me know. Your satisfaction is my utmost priority, and I am dedicated to tailoring this session to meet your individual needs.

Please allow 90 minutes for each session and you can book directly on my calendar via this link:

And please send me in advance your birth details:

Date of Birth - month, day, year
Location - Town/City and country 
Time of Birth - If you have it or close to it.

Thank you once again for choosing our intuitive consultant and professional astrologer services. We consider it an honor to be part of your personal growth and self-discovery journey. We greatly anticipate connecting with you soon for your scheduled session.

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What People Are Saying:

“I've been consulting with Jennifer Angel for years and she has been an incredible source of guidance and support. Her intuitive abilities are remarkable, and her insights have helped me navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges. I have always left our sessions feeling empowered and inspired. If you are looking for a skilled and compassionate Intuitive & Astrological Life Coach and friend, I highly recommend Jennifer Angel!"

Shauna (career coach)