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Wealth Wisdom, a monthly membership package.  Astrological Forecasts and Mind, Body & Soul Alignment for Abundance and Life Purpose Mastery, providing reassurance and guiding you to  prosperity.

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What is in the Wealth Wisdom Monthly Membership Program?

1. Monthly Planet Star-Spotlight
    Align with planetary energy 
2. Daily Planetary Transit Forecast
     Plus Daily Inspiration 
     On Portal and Emailed Daily
3. Monthly Sun Sign Horoscope Prediction Report 
4. Mind, Body & Soul Alignment Feature
5. Mind, Body & Soul Guest Feature
6. Online Group Events
7. Soul Talk Community Connection

Planetary Star-Spotlight

Each month there is a planet, or vibratory energy, that stands out as being beneficial. Jennifer highlights how to use the energy for your greatest advantage to align with the energy and not against it.


Daily Prosperous Planetary Predictions

Daily information highlighting as to how the planetary transits and interactions can affect your business and how to work with the energies. This is invaluable to know why is going on each day and how to  operate with others.


Daily Inspirational Quotes
A Daily Inspirational reminder with repetition to keep your mindset focused, positive, and productive!

 Sun Sign Forecast Predictions

Your individual sun sign report, plus gain access to all 12 -signs. Business, finance, and personal, beneficial, challenges, transformations, and affirmations all included in the report. Find out what is working for you, what to avoid, and how to build relationships, not only for yourself, but for those you associate with - clients, peers and superiors.  


Mind, Body & Soul Feature

With your monthly subscription, you will also receive a Mind, Body & Soul featured article to assist with your personal and professional self-growth. 


Mind, Body & Soul Guest Feature 

With a monthly subscription, You will receive a guest featured article to help you constantly evolve and adapt to new life and business challenges.


Let's Connect! 

Join Jennifer's online group sessions, where she answers questions and discusses a hot topic. Plus become part of the Soul Talk community.  


Embrace a new path towards holistic health and happiness to receive valuable insights and guidance for aligning your energies and achieving business and financial success.

Thanks for being here, I am delighted to have you as of the Wealth Wisdom Soul-Talk family!

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We hope you stay on as a Wealth Wisdom member, however, you can cancel within 7 days and you won't be charged. And you keep the month, just download the content before the end of your trial!