$2,497.00 USD

Private 1-1 High Vibrational Attraction Power Program

The six sessions outlined below will empower you to embody your instinctual power and maintain a lifelong commitment to personal growth and success:

Session 1: UNDERSTANDING YOUR INTUITION Tuning in to High Vibrational AttractionPower

Session 2: LISTENING & TRUSTING YOUR INTUITION Developing Intuition as a Decision-Making Tool

Session 3: RAISING YOUR VIBRATION Building Resilience and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Session 4: VISUALIZATION POWER Harnessing the Power of Visualization and Affirmations

Session 5: ENERGY ALIGNMENT Mastering the Art of Energy Alignment for Winning Outcomes

Session 6: INTEGRATION & MASTERY Integrating Instincts into Business Strategies

Please note that these sessions are subject to change based on your progress and evolving needs throughout the program. I will monitor your progress closely and make adjustments as necessary to ensure your highest level of satisfaction.

As I do take into consideration your astrological chart, which will reveal your natural intuitive nature and essence, I will also ask for your birth details. 

Your commitment to master High Vibrational Attraction Power, personal growth and success is commendable, and I look forward to witnessing your transformative journey ahead!

Warm regards,

Jennifer Angel 

What People Are Saying:

I have been an intuitive coaching client of Jennifer’s for several years. Her insights and advice relating to my personal, business, and financial affairs have been invaluable. Her expertise and experience in life and business allow her to be not only insightful, but practical as it relates to current issues, and she adds incredible value as you plan and look to the future. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone.

Steve P. C-Suite Executive