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A challenging month, for sure, with everything going on in the world, but be careful not to close yourself off to others. With Venus making her move to Gemini, the energy is positive for more connections to be made and a chance to build stronger bonds of friendship – keep the communication door open!

Gaining and keeping security is mostly on your radar.  This can certainly be a challenging month, but for you, Aries, you are competitive, and when the chips are down, you stand up to the challenge. And during this month, that’s just what you will do. New Opportunities with money can cross your path, but don’t do anything reckless. With Love, start communicating.



Magical New Moon energy as well as Venus, your ruler, Uranus and the powerful Sun’s energy moving into your sign later in the month signifies a new start in some way. Venus will make her way to the next sign in the first week, highlighting the need and desire to have a relationship that provides emotional stability and a job that offers financially security. During this challenging time that we are all facing, rethink your game plan and how you want to move forward.



Venus, the Goddess of love and money makes her move to your sign early in the month, and her energy will help you get focused on both your relationships and financial standing. This time of isolation we are all facing is challenging for sure, and for you, Gemini, you can use the time to keep your mind occupied by reassessing both these areas of life. We will get through this and at the end, you will want to have a plan in place.



Friends and family will compete for your attention this month. However, as the whole world is on lockdown, socializing is not an option. But you can get busy electronically, fortunately, we are in an era where we can easily communicate through the abundance of various apps. And many of you will also be able to continue business by using the same technology.



Stay focused, tuned-in and active and you’ll feel productive. Certainly, this is a difficult time everyone, but that doesn’t mean everything has to come to a holt. You can still keep the momentum going, even if it is slow, on your business and life in general. On the love scene, even if you are not with your one true love, or if you’re looking for love, you can still stay connected. A passionate connection with someone is possible, just keep the communication door open.



Be open to change and believe you can achieve what you dream about. The key for you to stay on top of things during this time, Virgo, is to stay positive. You can’t afford a negative thought to enter your mind. Stay focused as much as you can on what you will be doing when all this craziness comes to an end.




This month’s Full Moon in your sign can get you pondering about your life on a deeper level. If you have been thinking of making some changes, then this is a good time to do it. It could be you need to let some people, situations, and circumstances go, so you can release the emotional energy and free yourself up to embrace what you desire to happen in the future.



New Moon energy in your love zone can mean a new development in your romantic life. Looking for Love? Start socializing, electronically, of course. And if you are in a relationship, then this is the perfect time to direct more attention and nurturing on your honey. And if you have something to say, then make sure you say it from your heart.




Love, romance, and a solid connection with someone wonderful can get your attention now.  You can still reach out to those you love and adore. And if you are on the love scene, then this time of isolation doesn’t mean you can connect with someone, if fact, it gives you a change to build a friendship and a deeper bond while not seeing each other.




A new development with your career is possible and positive. Attending to business, and life in generally, is challenging, to say the least, but you can still keep your projects, goals and plans heading in the right direction. Your key to success now is to be organized. And even though many of you will be housebound, if you can set in place some kind of routine, then you will feel like you’re accomplishing and moving forward – all very important for Capricorn.



Mars in your sign can put pressure on you to get things done. Be careful though, Aquarius, as even though you prefer not to follow the rules, during this time, you may be best to knuckle down and do what the authorities suggest. There are many ways to keep your mind active. Watch documentaries, movies, read books, research and study areas that are of interest to you, or learn something new like how to play chess. This time will come to pass, just keep busy.



Your imagination is on fire, don’t let an amazing idea escape – write it down.  You can share your ideas with others in a way that they will understand but, be careful not to share anything until you have more of a plan in place, this way you will keep control. And don’t be quick to share with just anyone; make sure your brilliant ideas land on the ears of people you trust. Family and loved ones are a higher importance during this time.