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There are a lot of planetary influences directed at your sign, and it can open the door for you to have your say and be candid. But be careful, Aries, a diplomatic approach is always best. You have an opportunity to reassess your grand plan right now, and in some way, family will play a big part.



A creative project can get the go ahead this month, but don’t go sharing your genius thoughts with anyone until you have certain things locked down. Not everybody will be on your side, but the influence of planetary energy will show you who is and who isn’t, which will be valuable.



Money matters can take precedence now, however, don’t do anything rash. The Interaction between planets Venus and Mars can put some urgency on how you move forward, but don’t fall into the trap of complying to someone else’s deadline. Take as much time as you need to gather your information and make an informed decision.



Later this month, new Moon energy is in your sign, Cancer, in fact a solar eclipse, which is a positive sign that good things are headed your way. But with the lunar eclipse earlier in the month, you want to make sure you’re organized, so the energy doesn’t throw you into a spin. This is a great time to focus on your overall well-being – set a mind, body, spirit regime.



Your intuition is sharp right now and with the solar eclipse coming up at the end of the month you want to be sure to pay full attention to your instincts. The people you connect with and do business with can change in some way now, too. In many ways, it can be like pushing the reset button in your life, so just step aside for now and be a witness and see what happens.  



Friends and family are always important, but never more important than now, particularly as they both will influence your life with solar and lunar eclipses. This will provide intense energy for change. But it’s still up to you, Virgo, to decide what changes you want to make in your life. The main thing, don’t feel pressured, do it on your timetable, not someone else’s.




There’s a positive new start coming up this month in your career zone, and as such, you need to have an open mind to consider all the options and possibilities. But don’t be too quick to show your hand, as you want to make sure that you have your thoughts in order before you do or say anything to anyone. Love stars are hot, and a romantic connection is possible now.



You can have a change financially this month, Scorpio, but make sure it’s of your doing and not because of a decision someone else is made. As always, you need to feel in control of what goes on and fix your life. There are many opportunities for change this month, and if you can’t always be in charge of what goes on, have faith, as things generally work as they should.




Early in the month, the lunar eclipse in your sign can have you rethinking your overall life, where you are now where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Your love life is a big consideration, and as such, you also have an opportunity to build a close and more intimate connection with someone. But to do so, prepare to share your innermost thoughts and secrets.




Your dreams, hopes and wishes can all start to come to come through this month, but have an open mind, Capricorn, as things may not turn out the way you imagine. However, they can actually turn out to be better. Later in the month, the solar eclipse will be right opposite your sign, in your relationship area, which indicates a new romantic start.



Friends and connections come and go, and during this month, with the influence of both the solar and lunar eclipses, friends and colleagues can show their true colors, good or bad. This is a powerful time for you to concentrate on how you present yourself. A NEW YOU can enter the world in a more powerful fashion.



You may not always agree with family, Pisces, but they’re always there for you, so if you have a difference of opinion, sometimes it’s best to just agree to disagree. Your focus will be very much on your love life during this time and many of you have a chance to improve a union, reignite a relationship or meet someone new. This is a month of change – step forward with confidence and with an open heart and mind.

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