Wish upon a Magical Lucky Symbol to help manifest your innermost heartfelt dreams.

Magic symbols are used in everyday life, and sometimes even without thinking about it. For instance, some people have lucky shoes, colors or numbers. Some sporting teams also have lucky symbols like the Colts football team from Indianapolis who has a Horseshoe as their emblem, which is used as a talisman is thought to be good luck. From stars, hearts, or four-leaf clovers, lucky symbols can be traditional or something that is very dear to you and your life.  See if any of the Lucky Symbols below feel right for you, and if not, create your own. Read on to learn how to care for and use your lucky symbol.

To spiritually energize and build your own magical energy with your lucky symbol, handle it with care and love. The energy will be at its strongest and most powerful if you don’t allow others to touch it and as you focus and project positive energy into your lucky symbol it will become more effective as it aligns with your own personal energy.  Use your lucky symbol to focus your intentions, wish upon, or send positive thoughts or a prayer out to the universe and God source for creation and completion.

How to use your Lucky symbol:

  1. Create a sacred space where you won’t be disturbed; somewhere you can connect with your inner self, where you can talk to the universe about your heart’s desires.
  2. Take three slow deep breaths in through your mouth letting the air out through your nostrils. Continue this circular breathing at a natural pace.
  3. Imagine there’s a luminous white light right around your body, in an egg shape, which gets stronger and brighter with every breath.
  4. Close your eyes and think of a time when you felt joy and love in your life, a time when you felt happy. Hold this feeling and intensify it.
  5. Open your eyes and look at your lucky symbol. While you are still in this open-heart space, place your left palm over the symbol.
  6. While your palm is still on the lucky symbol, close your eyes and think of the dreams you want to come true. Ask the universe to help you create them.
  7. Open your eyes.  Thank yourself and the universe or God source for all you have in life now and for the future and all you have to be grateful for.


  1. The Number 8 – When you turn the number eight on its side you get an infinity sign. This makes it lucky because everything is never-ending and your luck is forever changing, recycling, increasing and revolving. The Chinese consider the number eight to be lucky for wealth.
  1. Laughing Buddha- The Buddha is the spirit of good fortune, happiness, laughter, and contentment. The laughing Buddha is said to bring you prosperity and success if kept in the comforts of your home.
  1. Horseshoe- Horseshoes are thought to carry the first-class fortune when you hang them on the walls of your house or above an entryway. Open end up means you’ll collect lots of luck, open end down is considered bad luck as the luck falls out.
  1. The Rabbit Foot- A rabbit’s foot is used for luck in a variety of situations where the end result is unsure. One of humanity’s oldest superstitious icons, the rabbit’s foot is thought to provide good luck, plenty of children and prosperity.
  1. Nautical Star- This five-pointed star became a famous symbol for finding one’s way home or also discovering ones destined path in life. Sailors would tattoo nautical stars on their forearms as a good luck emblem in hopes of returning home from sea.  It also represents the term, wish upon a star.
  1. Dream Catcher- Native American’s believe Dream Catchers are good fortune because they catch the negative images from your dreams and have even been known to ward off bad dreams altogether.
  1. Four Leaf Clover- Four leaf clovers do exist, however, they are extremely unusual, that’s why if you find one, it’s considered good luck! St. Patrick’s Day has made the Four Leaf Clover vastly popular in the world of lucky symbols.
  1. Sharks Tooth- A sharks pointed tooth is said to have protective and healing powers and are also thought to carry good luck. It is common for wear a sharks tooth as a necklace or keeps it stored away somewhere in the house.
  1. Lucky Penny- Almost all forms of money have at least one lucky superstition attached to them. The most familiar one being the penny, “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.”
  1. Wishbones- A tradition held over Thanksgiving or any other holiday feast; the rule is that the wishbone is saved from the turkey and left to dry out during the night. The next day, two people break it in half while making their own wish. After the bone has been pulled apart, the one with the larger piece is granted their wish.
  1. Guardian Angels- Their guidance is thought to help you during the bumpy times in life as well as be there during the high times.  Guardian Angels can bring you comfort in the hope and faith that someone above is watching over you and protecting you. These delicate angels are also said to sprinkle you with endless good luck and prosperity.
  1. The Lucky Cat- The Maneki Neko Beckoning Cat is a common Asian sculpture that has at least one raised forepaw. It is believed that the left paw beckons for people (patrons) whereas the right paw attracts wealth and good fortune.
  1. The Number 13- Whether 13 is actually an unlucky number or not it will forever remain a mystery, however, that doesn’t stop people from making it their lucky or unlucky number of choice. From Friday the 13th to hotels leaving out the 13th floor, it is a fun fascinating number which brings endless entertainment to the table, and maybe some good luck!