The relationship is over, but you still feel connected and it is difficult to release yourself from the love-ties. This feeling of being connected can lead to on again off again relationships, which make you feel powerless. No matter what you do, you just can’t make the break. Cutting the Love-Ties is an exercise, which can help you break free of the emotional bond you have with someone.

When you form a relationship with someone, you connect to that person in many different ways. There are seven main energy points, called Chakra points. You connect with people you are close to through all of these points, to varying degrees.

The Chakra Energy Points.
There are seven main meridian chakra energy points. It is important for energy, the life force, to flow freely through these chakra energy points. It is these energy points that connect you to those you are closest to. After you leave a relationship, the energy between the chakra points of you and the other person can stay connected and make it difficult for both of you to move on. This is one of the reasons why it is so easy to fall back into the arms of your ex.

Each Chakra point relates to a different color. These colors are often used in breathing exercises or meditations to embrace certain areas of your body for healing, removing blockages and feelings of unworthiness that limit you in any way. As you release the blocked energy it opens your heart and doorway to self-discovery.

Here are the colors of the seven chakra points, and what they represent.
1. BASE or ROOT Chakra – RED: Located at the tip of your tailbone.
The first chakra point is symbolic of the body’s support system and is about survival on all levels, and especially on a material level.

2. SACRAL or SEXUAL Chakra -ORANGE: Located at the pubic bone.
The second chakra is known to be associated with sexual organs and is about emotions, feelings, and desire.

3. SOLAR PLEXIS Chakra – YELLOW: Located just above the belly button
The third chakra is associated with ego. It is the point of power and determination and the will to do what you feel passionate about.

4. HEART Chakra – GREEN: Located in the heart center.
The fourth chakra is your inner truth. It represents compassion, forgiveness, love trust, and acceptance. It is the heart of everything.

5. THROAT Chakra – BLUE: Located at the throat.
The fifth chakra is about communication and speaking your truth.

6. THIRD EYE Chakra – INDIGO: Located in the middle of the forehead
The sixth chakra embraces your inner being, ignites intuition, and provides insight. It is the gift of imagination and clarity of thought.

7. CROWN Chakra -WHITE/Violet: Located at the crown of the head.
The seventh chakra is our connection to our higher energy source, a God source, a sense of oneness, and belonging. It represents divine wisdom and an openness to embrace life.

The cutting of the ties exercises helps to release you from the Chakra connections you have between you and another person and allows you to move forward without longing, sadness, and regret.

Cutting off the Ties visualization and ritual.
Imagine that you are standing in a blue illuminated circle, and you are standing opposite your partner or ex-partner. He or she are also standing in their own illuminated circle of blue light.

Imagine there is a blue light in the form of a cord connecting each of you between each of your chakra points. One-by-one, visually connect the blue cords between your chakra points starting with the base chakra and move up through the sacral-sexual chakra, the solar plexis, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown, in this order.

Once these are in place, one-by-one, again starting with the base chakra, imagine you have a large pair of scissors and you cut through each of the cords/ties, to release the love-ties.

At the same time as you cut through the blue cords, you can say a prayer of gratitude and wish the other person well on their journey. To release the connection, it is important that you send the other person off with love in your heart, so you are both free to continue life and travel on your own journey.

Here is a suggestion of what you can say as you visually cut through each of the chakra ties;
1. Base (located at the tip of your tailbone) I thank you for your support and I now release you to find your greatest good.
2. Sacral / sexual (located at the pubic bone) I thank you for our physical connection and I now release you to find your greatest good.
3. Solar Plexis (located just above the belly button) I thank you for sharing my life and I now release you to find your greatest good.
4. Heart Chakra (located at the heart center) I thank you for your love and I now release you to find your greatest good.
5. Throat chakra (located at the throat) I thank you for the understanding I have gained, and I now release you to find your greatest good.
6. The Third Eye (located in the middle of the forehead) I thank you for the clarity I have gained about myself and the person I am. I now release you to find your greatest good.
7. The Crown Chakra (located at the crown of the head) I thank you for the wisdom and self-growth I have gained. I now release you to find your greatest good

Once you get to the last cord, the Crown Chakra, visualize that your partner is floating away to find his or her greatest good. It is very important to put out the intention of good for them on their journey. It is also important to acknowledge, even if you cannot see it right now, that they had a purpose for being in your life. Be grateful for the learning and growth you have gained on a mind, body and spirit level, and send them off with love and peace in your heart.

You can do this exercise once only, but it will have more power if you can do it seven times, seven days in a row.

Once you complete the entire exercise you can keep your chakra points clear by adopting certain forms of holistic healing that can be obtained through practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, Thai Chi, qi-gong or healing sessions like tapping, reiki or aromatherapy, to mention a few.

A good time to perform the exercise is on a full Moon, just after the full moon when the moon is waning. The energy of the waning moon will intensify the exercise; however, you can perform the ritual at any time.

The Cutting-the-Ties exercise can also be performed in other situations like a job, boss, friend or any situation you no longer want in your life.

Above all else, recognize that all situations in your life play a part in your eternal growth.