Jennifer Angel Interview by Terry Dagrosa of

  • Jennifer Angel Interview by Terry Dagrosa of

    1. What inspired you to become Jennifer Angel Mistress of Astrology? 

There has been one common element in my work over my life. Whether it was in the beauty industry, assisting people to improve their outer appearance and self-confidence, relationship counseling, intuitive consulting, or in the metaphysical realm as an astrologer, all have afforded me the privilege to help people grow, evolve and live better lives. Astrology is a tool that introduces you to another dimension of yourself and those you relate to, which promotes both self-knowledge and understanding of others.

  • 2. What do you like most about what you do? 

I love being able to reach a vast number of people from all walks of life and cultures. In today’s world, with technology it is possible to touch the lives of many people on a global basis. My work is varied and interesting. Over my life I have done many things: television, radio, stage shows and I’m an author and columnist. Between writing, film and media, and with so much to continually learn, there’s never a dull moment! As a true Capricorn, I am ambitious and have a strong desire to make a difference in the world through my work. I also love being my own boss and largely working from home allows me to spend time with my beloved poodle, Yogi, as in – spiritual advisor. I have an intensely demanding schedule and Yogi keeps me sane.

  • 3. You have been studying philosophy, astrology and metaphysics for 30

years – what universals truths have you discovered along the way?

The one truth I know is that relationship provides an essential platform for learning and personal growth. The more you grow toward genuine self- acceptance, the more you can like and love other people. The more you appreciate yourself for all your traits, the irresistible and irritating, the more you are able to really see and appreciate others. The more unconditional love you have for yourself, the more you have for others. It is a simple formula, but one that can take a lifetime and beyond to learn.

  1. If you could invite six people to dinner who would you want at your table? (current or historical) And where would you entertain? Home or elsewhere?

As one of my dreams for this lifetime is to facilitate education in self-development and understanding of our universe, I would invite people who could help me achieve this goal. First on the list is Athena Starwoman, my dear friend and mentor, inspirational and wise beyond her years while here on earth. Oprah Winfrey for her understanding, quest for self-awareness, evolutionary approach to media and influence in the world. The Dali Lama for his wisdom and compassion. Michael Jackson for his creativity and Virgo perfectionism. Nelson Mandela for his determination, spiritual insight and unshakable faith. And Hermes Trismegistus, the Egyptian adept and father of alchemy!

The venue: As an Australian, in the southern hemisphere I would choose a restaurant on Sydney Harbour, with full view of the stunning architecture of the Opera House. As I now live in New York, I would select somewhere local. I adore Central Park, so a springtime party at the Boat House would be fabulous. The natural setting is gorgeous and the buzz of the people strolling by, the presence of animals, and the beautiful water, right the middle of New York City, it’s just fantastic.

  1. What do you think is the most important part of creating a romantic meal for two?

Atmosphere is vital for romance! You want to ignite the five senses; sight, smell, taste, touch and sound.  Make it sensual all across the board. If you pay attention to this simple formula, you’ll create a recipe for romance.

  1. What is your Seduction Meal? The one dish that always dazzles?  

The food itself shouldn’t upstage or impede the togetherness of two people. It needs to be easy to eat, not a task that takes your attention from your lover. I also think it is important to keep the amount of food to a minimum. Select good quality food but not a lot of it so it doesn’t weigh you down and make you feel like being a couch potato afterwards. You want to still feel sexy after dinner, not heavy and sleepy.

Champagne is seductive with its bubbles and a great start to any meal, whether it is breakfast lunch or dinner. My seduction meal is grilled fish; my favorite is wild salmon, along with vegetables in season. Fish is easy to eat, not like trying to wind pasta around your fork or a steak that takes time to cut and chew. With fish, you can keep the conversation going, as it doesn’t take long to eat each mouthful. Desert is strawberries soaked in liquor, and make sure you load the coffee pot, because even if you don’t get to coffee over dinner, it will be ready for you in the morning!