Halloween is a celebration that goes back through the ages and was originally a prayer day to give blessings to those who had died, therefore is a day to celebrate life. Looking for a great costume? Here’s a fun Halloween horoscope top-to-toe celebrity look-a-like costume guide for each sun sign.

Ms. Aries: You are known as the superhero of the zodiac. Someone who dares to stand out in a crowd, and who does that better then, Lady Gaga! You will need a blonde wig, shiny metallic dress, black fishnet stockings, black heels, fake lashes and flashy makeup. Mr. Aries: You were born a leader and many people envy that about you. Step out as the infamous Hugh Hefner. What a great way to honor Heff. Start with a velvet or silk smoking jacket and black silk pants. Include a smoking pipe and your favorite playboy bunny to join you for the evening!

Ms. Taurus: A true goddess who defines glamour and fabulousity. You can’t beat the Taurus Audrey Hepburn look, classic and stunning. Or step out as Kimora Lee Simmons. Loud animal print dress and lots of bling will help bring this costume to life. Kimora loves her animals so be sure to carry a little dog in your Baby Phat purse. Or the ever so stylish First Lady, Melania Trump. Mr. Taurus: Humble and composed, the Taurus male goes to great lengths to achieve any goal he makes for himself. Tony Romo would be a great choice for this year’s costume. Wear a Dallas Cowboys football jersey, football helmet, white sneakers and white pants. Dwayne ‘Rock” Johnson, is another great choice!!

Ms. Gemini: Born under the sign of twins what better celebrity pair to dress up as other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Wear a long flowing hippie dress paired with cowboy boots and oversized sunglasses. Wear your hair in fancy braids or keep it straight and sexy. Angelina is also a Gemini, go as Mr. and Mrs. Smith! Mr. Gemini: Known as the prankster, this sign lives to make others laugh. Mike Myers is famous for his Austin Powers character. Wear a shaggy wig, bellbottom pants, button up white shirt, and black-rimmed glasses. Move it up a notch by adding fake teeth and pencil in chest hairs with eyeliner. Or President Trump will certainly be a hot Gemini look this year.

Ms. Cancer: Here’s your chance to act on your inner princess. Cancer’s enjoy historical and symbolic people. All hail Princess Diana. Known as a style icon try wearing a high necked frilly ruffled blouse, pearls, and a classy skirt. You can also sport a short-haired wig and a crown. Mr. Cancer: Staying true to cancer’s historical side, Julius Caesar would suit you well. Wear a large white robe with shoulder sash and rope belt. Don’t forget to include a wreath headpiece and roman sandals.

Ms. Leo: Every Leo loves to be the center of attention, so for this Halloween tune into your inner Material Girl. Become Madonna by pairing a camisole style top, lace ruffled skirt, headpiece and a pearl necklace. Finish Madonna’s 80’s look with white gloves and white fishnet stockings. Mr. Leo: You are a rock star and thrive on being center stage. Slash, Saul from Guns and Roses is the ultimate rock star. Wear tight jeans or leather pants, boots, and a black tee-shirt. Sport the wild black curly haired wig with top hat and carry a guitar. Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing, funny man, Steve Martin, also good choices.

Ms. Virgo: One thing you need to know about a Virgo woman is she has guts and lots of them! Tonight try rocking it out like Pink. You’ll need a white baby doll t-shirt, blue jeans, red lipstick, funky looking bracelets, and a short blonde or pink hair dye wig. Mr. Virgo: Sure, to be a big hit this year, try to recreate Michael Jackson’s classic 80s look. A few essentials are a red leather jacket, white tee shirt, one sparkling glove, black fedora with strands of black hair showing, and aviator sunglasses, white socks. Work on your spins and moonwalk to complete this costume.

Ms. Libra: Pretty, charming, stylish, and loves nothing more than being pampered, Kim Kardashian is your perfect match. Wear a long black wig, lots of bronzer with smokey eye makeup, and a skin-tight dress. You can always add some extra “cushion” to complete the look. Mr. Libra: Libra males are captivating and addictively charming, even if they are on the bad boy side. Tommy Lee would be a fun personality to have for the evening. All you need are a pair of ripped jeans or leather pants, a tank top, bandana and loads of fake tattoos. Enjoy! Or go as Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglass, both Libras.

Ms. Scorpio: Intense and powerful, your trait of being a great thinker guarantee’s success in your professional career. Go political and dress up as Hillary Clinton. Halloween stores sell a Hillary Clinton mask; match that with a power suit and you’ll be good to go. Or go for a sexy look. Mr. Scorpio: Natural detectives at heart, you are always in search of the truth like CNN’s Larry King. Slick your hair back with gel and dye it gray, wear eyeglasses, dress shirt and pants, and don’t forget his famous suspenders! Scorpio John Cleese is a great look to imitate.

Ms. Sagittarius: Born under this sign you are a natural visionary who reaches for the stars, Come to life as a sexy Britney Spears. Include a bra top, fringe garter skirt, strapped sleeves and lots of bling. Or get a sexy blond bob and be Taylor Swift. Mr. Sagittarius: Sagittarians are driven by adventure and love challenges, so it’s only fitting that you dress Bruce Lee up as. Start your costume with a short black hairpiece, baggy black workout pants, a white tank top, and carry around nunchucks as your prop!

Ms. Capricorn: For you, Capricorn, it has to be Michelle Obama. This sign demands respect, authority, and position and enjoys the role of a wife to an ambitious man. Buy something that flatters your figure and choose a dress with a solid color. Keep your hair in a chin-length bob and wear simple jewelry. Mr. Capricorn: Determined and patient this sign will achieve all of their dreams; dress up as Tiger Woods this season. Try on a set of preppy clothes, one golf glove, a hat, carry a set of golf clubs, and you will score with this fun celebrity costume idea. And you can’t’ go wrong with an Elvis costume.

Ms. Aquarius: Paris Hilton is a must for this sign. Aquarius females crave fame and recognition and love being the star of the party. Start your costume with a short sparkly dress with hot stiletto’s, a blonde wig, an outrageous amount of diamonds and don’t forget little Tinker Bell. Mr. Aquarius: This is a visionary sign who love to explore new things for the first time. Buzz Aldrin, who became the first astronaut to step foot on the moon. Jump into your silver jumpsuit with American Flag emblem, boots, gloves and a helmet.

Ms. Pisces: Pisces women are fascinating, feminine, and tend to be major sex symbols and Rhianna fits the bill. Known for her bold fashion choices and style you can start with a stunning jumpsuit, paired with colorful pumps. Keep your eyeshadow colorful and accessorize with an umbrella. Mr. Pisces: Extremely devoted to following their dreams to the very end, Albert Einstein would be a fabulous choice for you. Choose a dark or tweed suit with white shirt. Add a slightly wacky white wig with a fake mustache to complete your transformation. Justin Bieber, also a Pisces, get a fake tattoo kit, blond wig and start singing!