Divine Divination


Are you a natural psychic, or do you just like to investigate the psychic realm?

A variety of forms of divination have been around for the longest time and just about every civilization has had some form or another that has been practiced for eons, whether as a ritual, ceremony or to predict the future.

There are many stores, both physically and on-line, where you can purchase just about any form of divination known to man. One of the oldest stores in America, and the oldest and most well-established store in New York, is Enchantments, a witchcraft store, located in the East Village of New York. I recently interviewed Stacy Rapp, the owner of Enchantments, to find out how they help people make the right choices when buying products and services to help them grow spiritually. Here’s what she had to say about the most popular forms of divination.

Jennifer Angel (JA):
What forms of divination do you have available and what is the most popular?

 Stacy Rapp (SR):
TAROT – Tarot cards by far are the most popular. The word Tarot, which comes from Tarocchi, was thought to originate around the 1420’s in Italy, so they have been around for a long time. There are so many different brands and images and such a broad range of definition for meanings, and there is a lot of literature on how to use them, which is one of the reasons that makes them so popular. Tarot is very visual, which I think is part of the appeal. You can look at the actual images of the cards, and for a novice, the image can tell a story and even if you don’t get into in-depth study you can read the pictures.

There are 100’s and 100’s of different Tarot packs, and we stock 150 different varieties. The Rider Waite deck is the most popular, and a lot of the images for the other decks are derived from the Rider deck; the original artwork was painted by Pamela Coleman Smith in 1909. The Thoth deck by Aleister Crowley is also very popular. But really, unless you are a professional reader and have studied with a particular deck, it is a personal choice; it’s whatever deck speaks to you the most.

LENORMAND – Lenormand is a system originated by Mlle Lenormand in 19th century France, which has become popular again. Mlle Lenormond was one of the most prominent fortune tellers in Europe; her clients included Napoleon, about whom she made bold and astonishingly accurate predictions.  It is a deck of 36 cards, about half the size of a normal size Tarot deck, and the meanings are different and to some degree are more simplistic, therefore easier to learn and grasp.

Other main forms of divination:

RUNES: Runes come in a set of 24 runes. Rune is an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning secret or mystery. The symbols printed on the stones or tiles are a series of letters from the ancient runic alphabets. Each symbol has a meaning, which is read after you throw them and see how they fall; the way they fall will determine the meaning.

PENDULUM – the Pendulum is great for Questions that require a Yes or No answer. First you have to program the pendulum and work with it so you get used to the way it spins. You ask the question and how the pendulum spins or sways will give you the answer.

ASTROLOGY – The study of astrology can unlock your birth horoscope, the blue print of where the stars/planets were situated in the sky according to your personal birth details and how they interact with each other. Your personal horoscope chart can reveal your personality, strengths and weaknesses, and as the ongoing planetary transits interact with your chart, it can forecast what’s in store for the future.

NUMEROLOGY – Numerology is a study of numbers. Each number and letter vibrates at different energy and the combination of numbers relating to your birth date and name is said to foretell your destiny.

I-CHING – I-Ching is an ancient Chinese text used for divination, traditionally a system of coins, however, you can now purchase the system as a deck of cards, which has the same symbols used to consult the I-Ching.

CRYSTAL BALL – The use of a crystal ball is called scrying, which is a practice of looking into the ball to see visions or messages. You can also use a black mirror or a bowl with black ink. However most people, unless of course you have professional expertise in this area, will buy a crystal ball for decoration, rather than for the use of scrying.

Other less used forms of divination:

SR: Effectively every magical system has its own form of divination. The gypsies practiced Tea-Leaf reading. Palmistry, although not so popular now, was once a main form of fortune telling through a study of the palm. An African method of throwing shells and a string of shells consisted of a lot of study to learn and could only be given to you by a priest.  Bone-Reading, Geomancy, and Dowsing are also used in certain traditions.

JA: Do regular people buy divination tools, as well as psychics and people who work in the industry?

SR: All types of people are interested in buying tarot cards.  They have become very popular, I think in part because of their prevalence in many films and television shows. Many people don’t understand how much time is needed to learn them well, but as the basic meanings are in the pictures, they can still do basic readings. Tarot cards can also be used as a meditation tool and some people buy them for that purpose.

JA: How easy is it to learn how to read or cast an oracle?

SR: It depends on how much you want to get into it.  With an instruction book in front of you, it is relatively easy to do a spread of cards, but it is all about the interpretation, and the more you open up to your psychic senses the better the reading. The skill of reading looks easy enough if you put the time in to study, but the best readings are combined with a developed intuitive psychic skill. And with Tarot, certain combinations of cards can mean different things, so if intend to read as a profession, you need to take a class and prepare to do a lot of study. You also need to learn to listen to the cards, let them speak to you. It can be complex, more than people think, and the more energy and study the better the reading.

JA: Do you offer classes?

SR: Yes, we do offer tarot classes, which are actually a series of classes (usually four classes in a row). You can’t learn tarot in one session, and even four sessions is considered an introduction.

JA: Do you also offer readings?

SR: Yes, six days a week, we are closed on Tuesdays. Our readers will generally incorporate a combination of their skills, such as astrology and tarot. Readings can be in person at the store, and we do offer Skype readings for people out of town. To book a reading you can call the shop or just walk in.

JA: How do you prepare for a reading?

SR: Here at Enchantments, the readers prepare the space. If you are reading for the public, you will want to do something to prepare the space for yourself. Sit for a minute to meditate to clear the energy and stress, get in a still quiet zone and smudge the area with sage or incense to cleanse the energy.  The preparation also helps the reader not get drained by the reading.

JA: How often will you read for someone?
SR:Every three or four months is good, as people’s lives don’t change that regularly.

JA: Do you ever refuse to read for someone?

SR: The one thing that can make a reading very difficult is when someone is under the influence, as they are not stable or focused. It can also be difficult to read for anyone under the age of 18, because their whole life is an open book.  For young people, Astrology is a better divination tool, as it can highlight where that person’s soul purpose lies.

JA: What other products do you sell that can help with readings: 

SR: After a reading, if the client wants to continue to address any issues or opportunities that have come up in the reading, the reader will suggest certain things like, candles, magical oils, incense, books, etc., that can help them deal with emotional stress and so forth.

To visit Enchantments, or order over the phone, they are located at:
424 E 9th St (Between 1st Avenue and Avenue A)
New York, NY 10009
Telephone: (212) 228-4394