Star Sign – CAPRICORN Soul Connection

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Go-getter on purpose energy! The ram and the goat understand each other’s need to be responsible. They put themselves first and foremost. There is much to achieve as they are both ambitious signs. Capricorn provides future security, while Aries keeps life interesting. Aries helps to keep Cap from becoming staid and boring. There’s a power struggle going on here. They both think they are right. The goat steadily moves forward, methodically, while the ram gets easily distracted. Aries likes to be forever optimistic, while Capricorn will look on the side of caution. This is actually a good balance, but whether they can appreciate that, is another thing. Each can learn a lot from the other. The ram lives for the excitement and challenge of life. The goat climbs the mountain of success and dreams of the peaceful existence when the view from the top has finally been achieved. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Taurus

Common values and goals – this is a strong bond. When these two connect, anything is possible. Together, they can conquer the world. They are a formidable team and love is built on strong foundations of respect and trust. These are the ingredients that last the distance. They are loyal and fiercely protective of each other. Cap wants to control bossy Taurus. Both being strong characters and leaders in their own right, control factors can come into play. Once they allocate who’s responsible for what, these problems will cease to exist. These two like to work, and if not careful life can enter dullsville. However, they do realize there are a time and place for everything. Once these two get the ground rules sorted out, they can sell off to heavenly bliss. There is a better than a good chance of Capricorn and Taurus enjoying a beautiful, happy existence together, forever. It’s a dream come true! Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Gemini

Surprisingly, they’re opposites who can make magic happen. One would think this is an unlikely pair, but strangely enough, it works and for a number of reasons. Firstly, they both appreciate their freedom and neither of them likes to be told what to do, when, where and how. They are intelligent and enjoy discussing life and worldly issues. Capricorns tend to take over and organize Gemini. Gemini is unpredictable and likes to go with the flow, while Capricorn tends to fill every waking minute with some urgent tasks that supposedly needs doing. This can be a great source of irritation. The twin’s lack of purpose and ambition can leave the goat feeling complex and uninterested. This is an interesting love combination, but, for it to work, it needs acceptance on both sides, especially from Capricorn. Gemini helps Capricorn the chillout, which they need, but there is only so much a Capricorn is going to chill! Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Cancer

The goat and the crab need to find ways they can appreciate each other’s inner and outer worlds. Cancerians are feeling beings, which are lead by their instincts – if it doesn’t feel right they won’t move forward. Capricorns are rational beings, so if it doesn’t make common sense they go ahead. Together, they’re a perfect balance. Achieving a balance between work and home. Being ruled by the moon and Saturn are two very different energies. The moon is emotional and dreamlike. Cancer’s attention is the home environment. Saturn, being logical and businesslike, seeks all things that lead to or represent reality. Capricorn’s highest priority is their career. These two are opposite signs but that doesn’t mean it’s all negative. With understanding and compromise, this union can work very well. Capricorn likes to be in control, and Cancer likes to run his or her own race – there’s mutual respect for each other. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Leo

Leo loves an audience, and Capricorn loves power. But, Cap is far more patient than Leo can ever hope to be. Capricorn, being the goat, is willing to steadily achieve success. The lion is strategic and will go after goals at a faster and riskier pace. They are fascinated by each other. Maybe this is enough to get to know each other better. Capricorn focuses on tomorrow and Leo’s attention is on today. This, of course, can work in their favor, as Cap lives for long life and Leo’s help them have fun in the near and now, however, on a day-to-day basis, it can cause more than just a fraction of friction. Cap can be selfish and Leo can be arrogant, not a good recipe for love. Even though there is a lot that glue to hold them together doesn’t click with these two, a high level of public recognition generally does work for both. But, it may not be enough as an ongoing partnership. Hopefully, they can meet in the middle. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Virgo

This is a loyal and loving union – the best! Both desiring to lead a life of sincerity and one where they are respected by peers, friends, and colleagues, automatically creates a bond between them. They share a good dose of common sense; their feet are firmly on the ground and move forward arm in arm, proud to be who they are – two earth beings. As these two both have a strong work ethic and a strong sense of responsibility, being disciplined to block out time for togetherness with no interruptions can be difficult. Elevating each other to number one, above their work is also a constant challenge because there also seems to be someone else who needs or wants their attention. With common goals, and dreams and wishes united, it’s almost a guaranteed success. But of course, all relationships need work to survive – these two earth signs are no different. Learn not to take each other for granted to keep love alive. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Libra

There is a good level of support and challenge for the good as well as the bad times. They can both be authoritative in their own way and are popular with other people. They love art and cultural interests, as well as good food. Libra loves things of beauty. Capricorn looks for quality. There are a lot of common interests, which is a good basis for lasting love. Mixing business and social events are challenging. Librans love to socialize and Capricorns highest priority is the business. Together, this makes a great balance, but that’s in theory, it’s harder to put into practice. In reality, Libra ends up going out alone and Capricorn can feel like they don’t get the support and understanding they need. There is a lot that can work with this relationship but there must be equality for it to last the distance of time. If one partner is more dominating it will crumble. Also, they need to align their values and goals, to ensure they move in the same direction. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Scorpio

These two make people take notice. When Scorp and Cap walk through a door you know something has happened, It’s a powerful combination and one that has a formidable presence. They take life, and most importantly, their work seriously. The longer they’re together the better they get. It’s all a matter of understanding and respecting each other. Dreams, goals, and wishes will be a hot topic when these two signs get together. However, their path to greatness will take different journeys. Scorpio makes decisions that Capricorn won’t feel happy. Capricorn will take the long road if that’s what it takes. Scorpio looks to work smarter and Capricorn believes hard work pays off. Money management can be an issue with these two signs. Scorpio loves to spend and Capricorn saves for the future – putting cash away for security. It’s a good balance and if they can relax their ideals, admiration will soon develop into a bond of love. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Sagittarius

Capricorn and Sagittarius are both dedicated people when it comes to their careers, but they are focused on their own individual quest in life, which can be very different from each other. These two communicate well on a superficial level, but when the conversation gets deeper, the topics they’re interested in can vastly differ. But they are fascinated by each other. Capricorn aims for the end result, always having his/her attention on the outcome and Sagittarian loves the journey. They can walk opposing paths in opposite directions, and even though they may like and respect each other, it can be difficult for them to connect long enough to start and continue an intimate relationship. Following their own missions automatically divide these two, it’s like they are in different zones and can’t get their mind body and spirit to synchronize. Sag likes to explore the world and Cap like to have some security and stability in their life. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Capricorn

Life is bliss when you’re both reaching for the top. Knowing that the best is yet to come and there is gold at the end of the rainbow keep these two moving forward and upwards. They are predictable, reliable and trustworthy, all traits they respect themselves and others. They are success oriented, and together, they’re going places! All work and no play make Capricorn a dull couple, but at least they appreciate each other’s desire and need to be ambitious. However, let’s not forget those dark and gloomy moods that Capricorn can get into. But a stern voice from their Capricorn mate can help them to see reason before sliding into the black hole of depression. There is nothing better than knowing you can depend on your love-mate and as they are also your best friend they will be there through thick and thin. They are in this together, now and forever – this union is a lasting and committed relationship. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Aquarius

Aquarian insightfulness and the Capricorn practicality can unite into something grand and special. The Aquarian quirkiness can be entertaining to Capricorn to the point that they gravitate towards them to learn more. Capricorns way of seeking the truth of a matter and presenting the facts appeals to Aquarians sense of justice. Capricorn loves rules, and Aquarian breaks them. In this sense, having opposite value systems can cause tension, but it’s not insurmountable. The goat shows the water bearer how to be serious about life to achieve a successful outcome. Aquarian show Capricorn how to take a chill pill and have an indecent amount of fun. There is never a dull moment with these two. Their differences can be complementary in the way that Aquarian is a trailblazer in the world of discovery, but the ever so practical Capricorn will help Aquarian make the invention more user-friendly. Need Love Advice? 

Capricorn -Pisces

They can access deeper levels within themselves when together. This is a magical connection, and although they are very different, it works because they are able to transform themselves when in each other’s presence. They think alike and agree on many of the same issues, making this a compatible and workable love-match. Trust to follow and lead on both sides is needed. These signs need to give something up to unite. Pisces need to get more real about life and give Capricorn some straight answers rather than be elusive. Capricorn can learn to let go and enjoy being out of control, and as scary as this may seem, it can make this connection possible. If these two clicks, it can be enchanting. Pisces feels secure in Capricorn presence and Capricorn feels deliciously lightheaded when exploring life with Pisces. Together, they take pleasure and benefit in breaking all the rules! Need Love Advice? 

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