Star Sign – ARIES Soul Connection
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This is an action plus union. There are plenty of things to do with each other. The energy between the two rams is electric. This is a relationship that promises to never have a dull moment. There is a great deal of trust and respect with an open honesty that can survive the most difficult of situations. But, it will also need understanding. Who’s going to be the boss in this relationship? You’re outgoing and dominate style people who both want to have a say in who does what, where, when and how. There’s a strong possibility of power struggles. Responsibilities will need to be clearly outlined to avoid nastiness. The tone of voice can be cutting and sharp. Arians love a challenge; so make sure you don’t go for the same job! Having different interests keeps life full, and can eliminate competitiveness. Playing tennis together will be exhilarating, but it could also be dangerous! Need Love Advice?  Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Sensual and romantic togetherness. That’s what you can look forward to. Aries are extremely passionate, while Taureans are sensual and have mastered the art of lovemaking. These combined attributes make a totally connected couple. Be careful though, sooner or later you both have to enter the real world. These two move at different paces. Aries is the fast-paced, let’s do it now action type, and Taurus likes to think about the outcome and possible scenarios before acting. This is a wonderful relationship, until, there’s a difference of opinion. Aries are determined to get their own way, and Taurus will stubbornly say, ‘No’. There are some real challenges with this combination. Of course, nothing is impossible, but in the process of getting to know and understand each other’s vast differences, there will very likely be some trials and tribulations. Need Love Advice?  Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Captivating conversation keeps the interest alive. There is always something to talk about this love match. However, Aries could switch off when Gemini goes into idle chat over-drive. When it comes to experiencing life, these two are well suited. They both love the excitement of something new and the impulsiveness of life. Easygoing Gemini is no challenge for Aries. Gemini is likely to go along with most things and although Arian likes to get their own way, they can enter into a coma of boredom if there’s no contest. If everything is too easy they lose interest. Gemini’s love to experience different things but can get tired of being bossed around. Go-getter warrior Aries is full of passion, and if that’s something Gemini lacks then this association could die of love without purpose. Aries are physical beings and Gemini’s live in their minds. They strive to work out what makes Aries tick. Need Love Advice?  Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Their mind, body, soul, the connection is strong, and for each of these signs that are an important element. They are both purpose-driven people and connect on a passionate level as well as having a sense of responsibility for life in general. They are family oriented. It can work but need to learn the art of giving and take. Their overall values in life can be vastly different, which can cause continual tension in the relationship. Cancerians are sensitive and Aries lack the companion and understanding they need. If this connection doesn’t work, it’s over before it begins. Cancer will walk away, leaving Aries wondering what happened. Both signs have a good sense of self. They put themselves first, which can cause problems. Aries is brash and Cancer is easily hurt. Cancer thinks Aries is insensitive and Aries thinks Cancer is thin-skinned and over emotional. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Passionate – Life in the fast lane! These two move at the same pace. They are in step with each other and once they sort out who’s responsible for what in their lives they can co-exist magnificently. There are a mutual respect and admiration, which over time, translates to trust with both parties being able to depend on each over. Putting each other as number one. The order of command is difficult for the Ram and the Lion. The Ram like to boss people around, and the Lion doesn’t take orders easily – they are usually the one giving the orders. One-upmanship can be a game they play, but if not careful, competitiveness can become so serious that it can turn nasty.
There is a level of understanding between these two signs that passes between them as knowingness. It’s like a secret code that nobody else gets. You are free spirits. As long as you both remember this, all is good. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Opposites attract (sometimes). Both have their own totally different ways of operation. If you can learn to appreciate the other person’s way of going about things, life will be a breeze. Aries are direct; they get straight to the point. Virgo’s prefer to delve deeper into the why’s and why-not of life. One compliments the other. The problem is, agreeing on anything! Friction is caused by not appreciating each other’s unique skills. Aries is a doer and Virgo is a thinker. Aries is general about everything and Virgo is exact about everything. They can come to the same conclusions but have different ways of arriving there. Aries is open and Virgo is rigid. These two are first to hold out a hand to help others, but when it comes to assisting each other, there’s trouble. The Arian impulsiveness unnerves Virgo and sends them off-balance. Aries mistakes Virgo’s caring for sympathy. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Aries is assertive and Libra is Passive. However, the Libra charm can melt the Aries fiery temper. Libra teaches the Ram to have a softer approach, while Aries teaches Libra to take a chance now and again. They both like to win, but for different reasons. Libra to regain peace, and Aries to prove they were right all along. Conflict in the decision-making process. Aries and Libra exist in different orbits. Aries is in the fast lane, and Libra is still at the intersection wondering what way to turn. It’s total disarray, which doesn’t concern Aries so much, but disharmony presents a serious problem for Libra. Upsetting Libra’s equilibrium is a definite No. For Libran’s, breeding and all things that are of cultural value are inbred, it’s in the Libran zodiac DNA. Aries, on the other hand, are not that concerned about the ‘proper’ way to do anything – they shoot from the hip! Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


An intense and electrifying connection. It can take a while for these two to trust each other enough to let their hearts entwine, but when they do, it is a union of deep love. They each take responsibility for their lives and allow the other to work as an individual. They can also be very protective of each other. Strong wills need the freedom to move. Scorpios’ consider themselves skilled enough to win against anyone, and the ram will rarely back down. Power struggles over not only major issues but also minor ones can be a problem. Their strength of character can be their downfall with each other, with neither willing to compromise. Respect can be gained through total honesty and nothing less. If there is any hint of disloyalty, the spell will be broken. If it is, the show may not be over, but Scorpio will ‘never’ forget. For Aries, there will be regret, but forgiveness. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


This is a deep heart-to-heart soul bond. You’re in love heaven, like two fireballs racing through life creating your own destinies. You have similar values and interests in life, which keeps you eternally interested in each other. Whilst striving to excel in every area of life, you both also like to lend a hand to assist a needy cause. Coinciding busy schedules is challenging. These two need to schedule time in their day planners just for themselves. Also, as both these signs are natural extroverts, there’s concern that one is going to outshine the other. Aries forceful manner doesn’t work on Sag, and Sag’s philosophical manner can be totally lost on Aries. You’re like two magnets who just can’t keep away from each other. There is a great level of passion between these two, which will sustain closeness. This and a desire to keep communication channels open ensure longevity. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Go-getter on purpose energy! The ram and the goat understand each other’s need to be responsible. They put themselves first and foremost. There is much to achieve as they are both ambitious signs. Capricorn provides future security, while Aries keeps life interesting. Aries helps to keep Cap from becoming staid and boring. There’s a power struggle going on here. They both think they are right. The goat steadily moves forward, methodically, while the ram gets easily distracted. Aries likes to be forever optimistic, while Capricorn will look on the side of caution. This is actually a good balance, but whether they can appreciate that, is another thing. Each can learn a lot from the other. The ram lives for the excitement and challenge of life. The goat climbs the mountain of success and dreams of the peaceful existence when the view from the top has finally been achieved. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Quirky and adventurous – it works. These two love anything that‘s new and exciting. They’re skiing along the same mountain, and the more challenging the better. Aquarians innate level of intuition can outwit an Arian, which fascinates the Ram and keeps him eternally interested. If it’s too easy for Aries, they walk away – this is not the case here. Unconditional love and acceptance. Aries, the fire sign, goes head first into anything that gets their attention, and Aquarius, being an air sign, intellectualizes everything before making a move. These different ways of operating on a day-to-day- basis, can cause much frustration until they learn to respect the others needs. There will be differences of opinion and heated arguments, but as long as neither of them takes it too personally, all will be fine. Aries loves to get his point of view across and Aquarians life to practice their skill of debating. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer


Wild and expansive imagination. These two can dream up creative ways to do just about anything and fully believe it will work. Pisceans are highlight intuitive and dreamy and Aries is optimistic about everything, a great combination, but it can lack the solidity of reality. Pisces lets Aries take center stage, but they can be smothering. Aries fails to recognize Pisces sensitivity. Aries curt and direct manner of communicating can hurt the vulnerable Pisces to the bone. Pisces hates confrontation. It can take weeks for Pisces to recover from an Arian outburst, while Aires has forgotten it in minutes and moved on long ago. Pisces likes to please, but there is a limit. The fish can harbor secrets, which can be very disturbing to the ram. The ram will know something is wrong but not sure what it is. If it doesn’t work out, Pisces feel bruised and heartbroken, whilst Aries is left feeling confused. Need Love Advice? Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer

Need Love Advice?  Book a personal reading or consultation with Jennifer