SUN Sign – AQUARIUS Soul Connection

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Quirky and adventurous – it works.These two love anything that‘s new and exciting. They’re skiing along the same mountain, and the more challenging the better. Aquarians innate level of intuition can outwit an Arian, which fascinates the Ram and keeps him eternally interested. If it’s too easy for Aries, they walk away – this is not the case here. Unconditional love and acceptance. Aries, the fire sign, goes head first into anything that gets their attention, and Aquarius, being an air sign, intellectualizes everything before making a move. These different ways of operating on a day-to-day- basis, can cause much frustration until they learn to respect the others needs. There will be differences of opinion and heated arguments, but as long as neither of them takes it too personally, all will be fine. Aries loves to get his point of view across and Aquarians life to practice their skill of debating. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Taurus

They have a lot to learn from each other. But, whether they can appreciate the others unique talents and offerings is another thing. If these two ever allow themselves to open up on more than a superficial level and share their ideas, they’ll connect intellectually. From there, romantic has a chance of developing. Both too opinionated to appreciate each other. They have strong viewpoints on life and everything that goes with it. Essentially, Aquarius is an ethereal creature and Taurus is earthbound, so being in the same zone can be difficult. There is a lack of perception of the others needs, wants, and desires. Simply, they are from different planets! There can be little patience between these two, that living together can be way too stressful to even contemplate. Aquarians unique weirdness can unnerve Taurus, who has his or her feet solidly on the ground at all times. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Gemini

This is an excitement plus union – excellent! Put these two together and you have a perfect match. What they two can’t accomplish, when working as a team, nobody can. Both highly creative, Aquarius is visionary and Gemini is in the here and now – a strong union. There’s mutual respect. They’re made for each other. Possible conflicts: Aquarians are seekers of the truth and look for the facts of a matter. Gemini has been known to stretch the truth, avoid it altogether, or worse still, rearrange it to suit themselves, but in doing so, there is nothing underhanded or sinister about their actions, rather it’s just an innocent way of leaving things open and loose. Once these two are together, they may never part. One of their tests in life will be aligning their lives to get together. It will be necessary to sync the calendars to block out space to spend time alone, just the two of them. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Cancer

They admire each other’s skills and position in life and have a healthy respect. However, as Cancer has so much to deal with in regard to their personal mood changes, coping with the Aquarian changeability can be overwhelming. They both have peculiarities and can be eccentric. Time alone now and again is advisable. Cancer needs to connect – Aquarius is detached. The Cancerian mothering way of caring and sharing is way too much affection for the Aquarian who sees it as possessiveness and borderline obsession. Aquarians way of pulling down the shutters when they want to be alone greatly affects Cancer and not in a good way. Achieving an emotional connection between these two-star signs can be difficult. Cancers feel through their heart and Aquarians live through their minds, so although no relationship is impossible, there are huge challenges to deal with. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Leo

There’s a creative blend that equals brilliance. Aquarian comes up with cutting-edge ideas and Leo can grasp the ingenuity of them and turn them into reality. Together, with Leo’s initiative, and Aquarians open-mindedness and ingenious mind, they can make an awesome couple. These signs are both generous to themselves and others. Staying connected is the biggest challenge. They are off on their own tangents, busy following their individual dreams, which can eventually pull them apart. Unless of course, they work as a team unit, but then Leo is always going to want to be the boss and Aquarius is not good at following orders, unless of course, they’re giving them. This is a magnetic union, and every day in every way, there is enough going on to keep them eternally interested in each other. However, when they do disagree on something, anything, they can both dig their heels in with no one being willing to give. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Virgo

There’s an understanding of each other’s unique personalities. Being able to effectively communicate is a strong point with these two as they are both highly intelligent signs who look deeper for the answers of life. The area of creativity also rates high in their life. On an intellectual level, they have a spell-binding energy and union. When Aquarians abrupt and aloof manner suddenly appears for no reason at all, it confuses Virgo. Even Aquarian doesn’t know what causes his/her change of mood, so when questioned by Virgo, they feel boxed in rather than free to be themselves. On a daily basis, this interruption in their lives can cause continual unset and unrest. They are both surrounded by disarray. Virgo loathes chaos and is constantly making life orderly. For Aquarian, once everything is in order, they stagnate and before you know it, they are once again in chaos. The cycle between them continues. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Libra

These two are in creative heaven! Their mind-sync is nothing less than stimulating. Also, they are positive people who prefer to look on the bright side of life and this continually lifts each other’s spirits. Aquarian teaches Libra to be open-minded, and embrace a world where anything is possible, and Libran teaches Aquarian how to be calm, cool and collected. Libra has trouble coping with the Aquarian aloofness. Libra has an inquiring mind and although this is something Aquarius loves, the water bearer is not always open to being interrupted. Aquarians need personal space and it’s up to Libran to judge when this is – not always an easy task, but Libra is in-tune enough to read their moods. They will talk, love, and nurture the other. They are co-operative of each other with thoughts of how they can be helpful. If a conflict does interfere with their existence, it’s generally not for long, with both parties quickly sorting out how to resolve issues. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Scorpio

Getting to know each other is all part of the intrigue. However, once in each other’s presence, it can go either way. If the energy is right between them, they will get along like bees and a honeypot. Together, they can conquer anything and anyone. If they don’t connect, they are likely to be arch rivals and will instinctively know to tread carefully around each other. These two powerful signs have definite beliefs, which are often very different to each other, and achieving a middle ground is rarely possible. They are both strong characters and fixed in their own ideas, which means they both have a stubborn streak. Only one person has to give a bit for the union to work, but who will it be? Intrigue and curiosity bring them together, but once they have connected they’ll find that there are many areas of disparity. Scorpio is no-nonsense, and Aquarian is more than a few peculiarities. Being able to compromise on issues will help greatly. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Sagittarius

A love of independence unites this pair, as well as intellectual compatibleness that’s unmatched. Brilliant ideas of how to change the world will be a natural occurrence when the archer and water bearer connect. It’s an excitement plus union and one that is almost inseparable. They accept each other totally, quirkiness and all, not caring what the rest of the world thinks. Strong opinions can clash momentarily, but once the steam is out of a situation it is cast aside with both being able to move on. Fortunately, Sagittarians have the ability to forgive and forget which saves Aquarians having to deal with it. Sagittarius can be blunt, but then again so can Aquarian, so even their challenges can be positive! There is an appreciation of each other’s calling in life, that’s if they know what it is. Both these signs are so curious about life itself that their individual journeys take some interesting twists and turns, but through it all, they will be support each other. Need Love Advice? 

Aquarius -Capricorn

Aquarian insightfulness and the Capricorn practicality can unite into something grand and special. The Aquarian quirkiness can be entertaining to Capricorn to the point that they gravitate towards them to learn more. Capricorns way of seeking the truth of a matter and presenting the facts appeals to Aquarians sense of justice. Capricorn loves rules, and Aquarian breaks them. In this sense, having opposite value systems can cause tension, but it’s not insurmountable. The goat shows the water bearer how to be serious about life to achieve a successful outcome. Aquarian show Capricorn how to take a chill pill and have an indecent amount of fun. There is never a dull moment with these two. Their differences can be complementary in the way that Aquarian is a trailblazer in the world of discovery, but the ever so practical Capricorn will help Aquarian make the invention more user-friendly. Need Love Advice? 


Quirky and eccentric – just the way they like it. There is never a dull moment in this relationship! There is always something happening in an Aquarian’s life, so when you put two water bearers together, there is always plenty to talk about. Nothing is normal with these two, everything is odd, but then again, who can tell the difference. Syncing calendars to spend quality time together. They are connected, but they also live individual lives. Getting together can be a problem because each is off doing their own thing and they both like to dance to their own drum. Syncing their lives can be challenging. Also, moods can be changeable, so keeping up with each other is tricky. Thinking up ways to invent the next greatest new thing will keep these two together and close by way into the small hours of the night. They are natural geniuses and feed off each other’s ideas. All in all, this is an interesting journey. Need Love Advice? 


A blending of intellect and emotions. Pisces emotional side and Aquarians highly attuned intellect are perfect matches for each other, but in reality, maybe too far apart from work. However, they do both love to achieve the impossible and many discussions about how to solve worldwide problems will keep them happily together. Pisces needs more togetherness than Aquarius is capable of giving. The Aquarian aloofness and free spirit can be a huge problem for a Piscean. The fish like to be attached rather than detached to their partner in life. From the Water Bearers side, Pisces can be more than a bit smothering and needy, sending them further into isolating. It’s the blending of the subtle energies that help these two to have a lasting relationship. Both intuitive people, they connect on an instinctual level, more than physically. They learn a lot from each other. There’s a natural fascination. Need Love Advice? 

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