Angel’s Daily Blog July 4th, USA day of independence, and the day of the lunar eclipse in Capricorn. This is a huge day in astrological terms as Jupiter and Pluto connect also in Capricorn, and over the past few days, Saturn has moved back to this sign and is taking control of what happens next. Jupiter is the sign of the truth serum and Pluto is the planet that reveals secrets. Put this all together with a lunar eclipse, and watch out, the truth will be revealed. As all these planets are retrograde, past issues can come up now, so be careful not to push down feelings or situations that remind you of the past, and instead, allow them to surface so you can deal with them. And in doing so, if you decide that they no longer serve you in a positive way, you can choose to let them go.  Use this lunar eclipse energy to release the past so you can make space in your life for your future.