Jennifer Angel's Soul Talk Inspires You to Step In To a Higher Dimension and Live a Life of Greatness.

Are You Ready To Tune In To A Higher Frequency To Trust Your Intuition? 

Discover How To Get Acquainted With Your Inner Wisdom!


Is it time for you to trust your intuition for winning outcomes? 


This Truly  Transformational Experience Will Inspire You To Embody Your Instinctual Power and Embrace Your Inner Calm for Enriched Success! 

  • Explore the power of your instincts and unlock your inner calm
  •  Unleash your full potential by elevating your vibration
  • Understand intuition as a valuable tool in decision-making
  •  Learn how to align your energy with high vibrational frequencies that attract success  
  • Discover the power of your intuition and how it can guide you towards making optimal decisions.
  •  Learn how to sustain your high vibration amidst challenges and setbacks 

Your Can Do It!
And Yes, You ARE Capable!

During the High Vibrational Attraction Power, you will know your Intuition is real! 


In 6-weeks,
You Could…

  • Know and trust the power of Intuition.
  • Have a process for clear decision-making 
  • Identify your self-imposed imitations
  • Know, understand, feel your intuition 
  • Master the art of energy alignment
  • Be able to integrate your instincts into business strategies
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High Vibrational Attraction Power 


Are Ready To Tune In To A Higher Frequency? 

In this 6-week HIGH VIBRATIONAL ATTRACTION POWER Course I have tailored the program to ensure this truly enriching and transformational experience will inspire you to embody your Instinctual Power and Embrace A World Of Calming Success, while maintaining a lifelong commitment to personal growth and abundance.

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What's Included In High Vibrational Attraction Power...


Understanding Your Intuition

Tuning in to High Vibrational Attraction Power

  • Exploring the power of your instincts and unlocking your hidden potential
  • What is intuition
  • How to listen to your intuition
  • How to trust your intuition
  • Astrological chart reference to discover your natural intuitive essence and nature

Learn how to align your energy with high vibrational frequencies that attract success. I will teach you practical techniques to raise your energetic resonance and attract positive opportunities into your life - techniques for aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions to attract high vibrations.


Listening & Trusting Your Intuition

Developing Intuition as a Decision-Making Tool

  • Understanding intuition as a valuable tool in decision-making.
  • Practical exercises to enhance your intuitive abilities and strengthen trust in your instincts.

Listening and Trusting Your Intuition. Discover the power of your intuition and how it can guide you towards making optimal decisions. I will help you develop a deep trust in your inner voice, enabling you to make confident choices even in the face of uncertainty.


Raising Your Vibration 

Building Resilience and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

  • What is vibration
  • How to raise your vibration 
  • Identifying and overcoming self-imposed limitations that hinder success.
  • Strategies for developing resilience and maintaining a positive mindset.
  • You’ll finish this lesson feeling great about yourself and the gifts you have to offer the world. 

Unleash your full potential by elevating your vibration. I will share effective strategies to raise your energetic state, allowing you to operate at a heightened level of productivity, creativity, and overall well-being.


Visualization Power 

Harnessing the Power of Visualization and Affirmations

  • Utilizing visualization techniques to manifest your desired outcomes.
  • Crafting powerful affirmations to reinforce your belief in your own abilities.
  • Maintaining a High Vibration

Learn how to sustain your high vibration amidst challenges and setbacks. I will provide you with invaluable insights and practical techniques to keep your energy levels elevated, ensuring consistent success in all areas of your life.  


Energy Alignment

Mastering the Art of Energy Alignment for Winning Outcomes

  • What is a winning outcome
  • How to create a winning outcome
  • Understanding the role of energy in attracting positive outcomes.
  • Techniques for aligning your energy with your intentions to manifest success.
  • Applying Instincts for Winning Outcomes.

Discover how to apply your newfound instincts to achieve winning outcomes in your professional and personal endeavors. I will guide you through real-life scenarios, helping you integrate your instincts into your decision-making process.


Integration  & Mastery

Integrating Instincts into Business Strategies

  • Applying instinctual power to make strategic business decisions.
  • Case studies and real-life examples of executives who have successfully harnessed their instincts for winning outcomes.

In this final session, I will support you in integrating all the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. You will learn how to embody your instinctual power and maintain a lifelong commitment to personal growth and success.

Bonuses Included In High Vibrational Attraction Power ...

Staying Motivated & Focused

Whether you work with a coach or fly solo, accountability is important to stay motivated and focused on your life plan. 

  • A strong mindset, and commitment to follow through.
  • Taking action is imperative for your success!

I will create a personalized accountability process for you to follow daily!  


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SOUL-TALK Community

  • You have access to the Soul-Talk Community where we discuss life-empowerment questions, anything from astrology, spirituality and self-awareness. Come join us in the community and interact with like-minded people on a path to be the most awesome version of themselves. 

This Course Is For You If...

  • You are tired of second-guessing your decisions, and struggling to trust your own judgment 
  •  You are feeling disconnected from your inner guidance 
  • You want to leverage your instincts to attract opportunities for growth and advancement  
  • If you want to harness the power of your instincts to bring harmony and fulfillment to your work and life 
  • You know you are meant for more in life.
  • AND you are prepared to put the work in to get it. 

I'm Jennifer Angel

I am a World Class Intuitive Life & Business Consultant and  Professional Astrologer. My work has been published in Star Magazine, the New York Daily News, Harper’s BAZAAR, and several other publications worldwide.

My vision and mission is to inspire and empower you to live a purposeful life by embracing, loving and understanding who you are, your authentic self, so you can tune in to a higher dimension to live the life of your dreams, where you are successful with love, money and life.

My goal for you is that you know, understand, feel and trust your intuition, and be the most totally awesome version of YOURSELF!   

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"Jennifer helped me regain control over my life’s direction by learning to embrace my dreams and how to be aware and deal with self-limiting beliefs that have too often gotten in the way! The course creates a structured process where I plan my weekly and monthly goals in each area of my life and to learn to trust both my inner voice and intuition. This course/coaching was an amazing powerful process that taught me to step into my personal power.  One year later, I am realizing financial, career and personal goals that I never thought possible!”
- Larry (CEO Private Equity Executive)
"I have been a coaching client of Jennifer's for several years. Her insights and advice relating to my personal, business, and financial affairs have been invaluable. Her expertise and experience in life and business allow her to be not only insightful, but practical as it relates to current issues, and she adds incredible value as you plan and look to the future. I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone! "
- Steve P (C-Suite Executive)
"I've been consulting with Jennifer Angel for years and she has been an incredible source of guidance and support. Her intuitive abilities are remarkable, and her insights have helped me navigate some of life’s most difficult challenges. I have always left our sessions feeling empowered and inspired. If you are looking for a skilled and compassionate Intuitive Life Coach and friend, I highly recommend Jennifer Angel!"
- Shauna (Career Coach)

High Vibrational Attraction Power


Value $10,000

6-Session program - Work with Jennifer 1-on-1

This is a personalized 6-Session program, taken over a period of between 6-12 weeks, to fit within your individual schedule, with full access to Jennifer including additional accountability support.
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